Weekend Style: Men's Non-Leather Winter Shoes for Work and Play #Veganuary

Sunday 13 January 2019

A new year can often mean new shoes if your current ones have been worn out, so I've enlisted the help of one of my housemates to showcase two pairs of men's non-leather shoes from the online retailer Jacamo, which are perfect for work and play.

Brogue Chelsea Boots
For Work: Brogue Chelsea Boots* (£35, link)

Brogue Chelsea Boots are such a classic style for men's shoes and their mature and sophisticated design lends themselves well to any kind of job that requires a smarter approach with a shirt and tie. That said, they're also popular amongst trendy/hipster circles when worn dressed down with a casual pair of black jeans at the weekend to the pub, making them an even more versatile shoe choice for your wardrobe.

These black Chelsea Boots are made from non-leather materials and feature a textile tan-coloured sole, yet have a comfortable and flexible leather-like look and feel to them, but without the expensive price tag. Affordable and stylish, they're available in men's UK sizes 7-12 with standard and wide fit options.

Dan says: "These boots are very comfortable and they definitely look the part for work - even the manager has complimented them! I'm also surprised by how affordable they are."

Reebok Trainers
Reebok Trainers
Reebok Trainers
For Play: Reebok Trainers* (£55, link)

Over the years, more and more leading brands of popular sportswear have been utilising the versatility of man-made materials for their trainers, and it's now very easy to find non-leather alternatives online. Reebok is one such brand that has an excellent range available which are made from innovative textile-based materials. 

For example, the pair shown above features a shock absorbent EVA midsole cushion and have a rubberised sole grip that lets the user explore their surroundings with a comfortable and secure footing. Ideal for many outdoor activities from walking to beginner hiking, these Reebok Trainers are suited to those who are looking for a style of trainer that's more 'outdoorsy' than what you'd see in the gym, and the blue/grey colourway suits blue and dark blue jeans.

Dan says: I've always bought Reebok trainers because they're good quality and last a fair while. I also really like this particular style and they're incredibly comfortable to wear."

For more men's boots, shop the full range online at Jacamo.co.uk

What are your favourite brands of non-leather shoes?

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