Mid-Week Pamper Treats: Tropic Skincare Clear Skin & Deep Hydration Face Masks review #MultiMasking

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Tropic Skincare Clear Skin & Deep Hydration Face Masks review
The long weekend is rapidly approaching, so now's a great time to treat your skin to a little mid-week pampering to get it in tip-top condition for the Easter festivities. My face masks of choice this week are both from Tropic Skincare for some serious Multi-Masking action!

Spring is a really weird time for my skin as it's battling against a combination of sunnier, warmer weather, with cooler, blustery winds and those chilly April showers. Add to that a sprinkling of breakouts that are triggered by my immune system going into overdrive as hayfever season hits, and it's safe to say that my skin has not been looking its best lately.

Help is on hand though from these two pots of joy from Tropic Skincare, a British and vegan-friendly natural skincare brand that regular readers will know that I'm particularly fond of. I've been putting two of their bestselling face masks through their paces, so keep on reading if you're curious to find out more about them!

Tropic Skincare Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Face Mask review
Tropic Skincare Clear Skin Blemish-Fighting Mask* (50ml, £20, link)

I do love it when a brand names a product so accurately because this mask is all about blitzing those zits and delivering a clearer complexion. Tropic's Clear Skin Blemish-Fighting Mask is a multi-award winner for a reason; it balances sebum production which is particularly useful if you suffer from an excessively oily T-zone like I often do; tightens pores; helps to reduce redness, and quickly says a fond farewell to any blemishes that may have set up shop on your face. 

As you can see in the pot (and in my multi-masking selfie pic below), this mask is green in colour thanks to a blend of Green Clay and Spiriluna which help to draw out all of those stubborn impurities and blackheads. There's also Bamboo Charcoal, Goji Berry extract, Ginger, Cinnamon and Salicylic Acid included to refine pores and kill off any bacteria that are linked to causing breakouts in the first place. The texture is thick with a fresh herbal scent, and it's easy to apply with fingers or a spatula/mask brush. 

You can apply this mask to just your T-zone or dab it onto any stubborn individual blemishes, as well as using it all-over if you're particularly acne prone. Allow 10-20 minutes for it to work its magic before washing off, and voila, you should see a noticeable difference right away, especially on the T-zone. I could see that my pores looked much smaller and clearer, and any under-the-surface spots quickly rose to the top the next day which made it easier for me to deal with them. Use this treatment no more than twice a week as it's quite potent and although it didn't make my skin feel stripped afterwards, I'd still recommend following up with a hydrating mist and moisturiser or face oil, to keep your skin from drying out later on.

Tropic Skincare Clear Skin & Deep Hydration Face Masks review
From L-R: Tropic Skincare Deep Hydration and Clear Skin Face Masks
Tropic Skincare Deep Hydration Face Mask review
Tropic Skincare Deep Hydration Soothing Cooling Mask* (50ml, £20, link)

One that's excellent for all skin types to try but particularly well suited for very dry skin, is the Deep Hydration Soothing Cooling Mask, which as you might have already guessed, is brilliant for instantly hydrating and soothing the skin. Rich in antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Ressurection Flower, Allantoin and Wild Australian Superberries (Riberries, Muntries and Pepperberries), this super creamy-gel mask is a beautiful moisturising treat for the skin, especially if it's feeling dry, irritated or dehydrated. 

Texture-wise, it feels like a rich, thick and creamy moisturiser that you can leave on for 20-30 minutes (the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing cuppa or catch up a short Netflix episode). It has a fresh, slightly berryish scent and feels wonderfully cooling - I can see myself reaching for this a lot over the next couple of months if we have a hot Summer, as it would be a fantastic post-sun treat for parched skin.

Once rinsed off, my skin felt so much happier with a plumped up, thoroughly hydrated glow about it!

Tropic Skincare Clear Skin & Deep Hydration Face Masks review
These two masks are great for multi-masking with if you have combination skin - simply apply the Clear Skin Mask to your T-zone and any blemishes, and then add the Deep Hydration Mask to the cheeks/outer drier areas/around the nose etc for a quick and easy facial!

Shop the full range of skincare and more at tropicskincare.com

Are you a fan of multi-masking?

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  1. Hello, the clay mask seems very good! I love the fact that it helps to get under skin blemishes out! As for multimaskin, I guess I should give it a try :)


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