Payday Treats: 5 Green Beauty Brands To Try - Kathleen Natural, Bali Balm, Lavera, L'Odaïtès & Natura Siberica

Tuesday 30 April 2019

5 Green Beauty Brands To Try - Kathleen Natural, Bali Balm, Lavera, L'Odaïtès & Natura Siberica
Stuck in a beauty rut or simply bored of your current routine? Treat yourself this payday to some new products from these beautiful green beauty brands!

A Facial Spritz For The Summer Months: Try Kathleen Natural Rebalancing & Soothing Tonifying Mist* (150ml, £23, link)
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, this alcohol-free Tonifying Mist from British brand Kathleen Natural helps to instantly soothe, hydrate, heal and rebalance your skin in just a few quick spritzes. It's made from 100% natural ingredients (80% of which are certified organic by the Soil Association) and features key plant-based actives such as Aloe Vera, Lemon extract and Chamomile Water. I love using this morning and night after cleansing, and it's also great to store in the fridge for a refreshing and hydrating mist whenever you feel that your skin needs a pick me up.

A Luxury Vegan Lip Balm: Try Bali Balm in Cinnamon & Burnt Orange* (15ml, £20, link)
If you've been looking for a truly luxurious, vegan-friendly lip balm that will saturate the driest, chapped lips with natural moisture, Bali Balm is a must-try. They specialise in 100% natural lip balms that are expertly formulated with a blend of specially selected ingredients which have high levels of antioxidants and boast antibacterial properties. Bali Balm has four different lip balms to choose from and I've had the pleasure of trying their Cinnamon & Burnt Orange balm which combines plant oils with juicy organic caramelised Orange Peel, anti-inflammatory Cinnamon and sweet Muscovado Sugar. The result is an ultra-nourishing and plumping lip balm that smells good enough to eat!

A Soothing Scalp & Hair Conditioner: Try Lavera Basis Sensitiv Moisture & Care Conditioner* (200ml, £6.95, link)
I'm a big fan of Lavera's Basis Sensitiv range and always have a tin of their amazing All Round Cream in my skincare stash. For a change, I decided to check out the Moisture & Care Conditioner in this line which has been formulated especially for sensitive scalps and dry hair. This is a really lovely and gentle conditioner to try if your scalp is feeling dry, itchy, flaky or irritated in any way as it's packed full of soothing and moisturising ingredients such as Organic Almond Milk and Avocado Oil. It's lightweight so won't weigh down fine hair and adds lots of shine and softness to the hair which is a pleasant added bonus.

A High-End Anti-Ageing Skincare Elixir: Try L'Odaïtès Elixir Bonheur Anti-Aging Replenishing Serum* (15ml, £52, link)
Now that I'm in my early 30s, I've been seeking out more targeted anti-ageing skincare products to help preserve my complexion and lessen those first visible signs of ageing. I've been most impressed by the products that I've tried out recently from the French brand L'Odaïtès who are popular amongst green beauty circles and mainstream skincare gurus alike. Their Elixir Bonheur Anti-Ageing Replenishing Serum is a beautiful elixir treatment that utilises the natural anti-ageing properties of Prickly Pear, Rosemary, Neroli and Apricot in a base of essential fatty acids which plumps, hydrates and helps to protect the skin from the elements. Best of all, it has the most sublime citrusy scent that makes it a real pleasure to include in your evening skincare routine.

A Pampering Treat For Dry Hands: Natura Siberica Oblepikha Hand Cream* (75ml, £3.95, link)
For a more affordable but still luxurious treat, try Natura Siberica's Oblepikha Hand Cream. This handbag-sized tube of moisturising goodness is a truly exceptional hand cream that will transform dry hands into baby soft skin in a matter of days. Massage a little into your hands before going to bed and breathe in the divine scent for pure pampering heaven!

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