Health & Lifestyle: Living Better Health Superfoods - Chia Seeds, Energy Blend Energiser, Baobab & Maca review

Monday 30 September 2019

Living Better Health Superfoods - Chia Seeds, Energy Blend Energiser, Baobab & Maca review
I recently spotted that LoveLula were now stocking Living Better Health Superfoods, so I decided to place an order and stock up on a couple of healthy essentials for the new season ahead.

If you haven't heard of Living Better Health Superfoods before, the company was founded by Lisa Barnes (an award-winning transformational health and wellness coach), and they have a whole range of mainly organic superfood powders which you can easily incorporate into your daily diet. Everything is lactose and gluten-free, suitable for vegans and they all contain no added sugar or any other filler/bulking ingredients or additives.

I picked up four packs to try; Chia Seeds, Energy Blend Energiser, Baobab and Maca.

Chia Pudding
Living Better Health Superfoods Organic Chia Seeds* (125g, £5.99, link)
Perhaps the most well-known, Chia Seeds are readily available from lots of different places these days and the Instagram-famous Chia Pudding (pictured above) is one of my healthy go-to breakfasts to have during the week.

Chia Seeds may not look like much, but these teeny tiny seeds are packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids (60% of their nutritional profile is just Omega-3 making them one of the richest plant-based sources of fatty acids) which is essential for a healthy diet as the body cannot make its own Omega-3. Clinically proven to reduce cholesterol and inflammation, Chia Seeds are also beneficial as they are a good source of Fibre, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium and Phosphorous. 

How to use: Add a teaspoon to smoothies, or sprinkle over porridge, soups or salads. Or make a tasty Chia Pudding by adding a tbsp to 200ml of water or dairy-free milk in a container with a pinch of Cinnamon and leave overnight for a yummy breakfast come the morning.

Energy smoothie
Living Better Health Organic Superfoods Energy Blend The Energiser* (125g, £14.99, link)
I'm always looking for ways to boost my energy levels as I suffer from fatigue on a regular basis, so I was curious to try out The Energiser, a superfood blend of six natural ingredients; Chia Seeds, Baobab Powder, Guarana Powder, Hemp Protein Powder, Lucuma Powder and Maca Powder. 

This blend has been specially designed to help you beat that mid-afternoon slump, and you can use it first thing in the morning to kickstart your day thanks to its mix of Fibre, Protein, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc. I've been taking it for about a month now and it's definitely been helping!

How to use: Add 1/2 tsp to a glass of juice or your smoothie once or twice a day for the first week, after which you can increase to 1 tsp a day. You can also sprinkle or stir it into cereal, porridge, muesli, and even add it to homemade raw chocolate and cakes.

Living Better Health Superfoods - Chia Seeds, Energy Blend Energiser, Baobab & Maca review
Living Better Health Superfoods Organic Baobab Powder* (125g, £6.99, link)
If you prefer a singular superfood powders, Living Better Health also has a range of those including this delicious Baobab Powder. Baobab is really quite special as it contains almost fifty per cent fibre and boasts an impressive count of antioxidants which is amongst the highest for any known fruit in the world. It has fourteen essential vitamins and minerals and is great for supporting a healthy metabolism, improving skin conditions, reducing inflammation and supporting gut health to name but a few of its benefits.

Best of all though? It tastes a bit like sherbet - yum!

How to use: Add 1/2 tsp to juices and smoothies, increasing to 1tsp afer the first week of use if desired. Like the other superfood powders, you can also sprinkle it onto yoghurts, acai bowls, cereal and porridge etc.

Living Better Health Superfoods - Chia Seeds, Energy Blend Energiser, Baobab & Maca review
Living Better Health Superfoods Organic Maca Powder* (125g, £5.99, link)
Saving my personal favourite to last, Maca Powder is a highly nutritional food which is growing in popularity. It contains a source of Fibre, Protein, Vitamins B1, B2 and B6, Calcium, Iron and Zinc, and is a good one to use every day if you do a lot of exercise or have a busy lifestyle as it helps to support your adrenal glands. There's also a number of studies that suggest it can be useful for balancing hormones as well.

The flavour of Maca though is just heavenly - it has a sort of sweet caramel/toffee/malty taste which works particularly well in smoothies and sweet recipes.

How to use: Add 1/2 tsp to smoothies and juices, increasing to 1tsp a day if desired. It's great stirred into porridge, overnight oats, acai bowls, chia puddings etc, and can be used in raw cake and biscuit recipes.

Shop the full range at

Have you tried any of these superfoods?

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