Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Green Beauty & Wellness Treats

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Green Beauty & Wellness Treats
This week's Christmas Gift Guide focuses on some beautiful Green Beauty and Wellness Treats which I'd love to find wrapped up underneath the tree this year! These are gift ideas which are free from excessive plastic packaging and instead have packaging which is either fully recyclable or reusable.

For Yogis & Frequent Flyers: Yogandha Salute Rollerball* (10ml, £16.95, link)
For the friend who loves yoga, I would highly recommend the natural Irish wellness brand Yogandha who have a lovely range of easy to use rollerballs. I particularly love the Salute blend which is an invigorating mix of nine therapeutic essential oils such as Grapefruit and Bergamot, and it smells so energising and happy! It's also perfect for those who fly a lot as it helps to alleviate some of the symptoms of jetlag too.

For Eco-Warriors: Awake Organics Unscented Probiotic Deodorant* (45g, £11.99, link)
Plastic-free gifts will be more in demand than ever this year as increasing awareness over our environment and oceans continues to grow, so why not treat someone who is trying to go plastic-free with this all-natural, vegan-friendly organic deodorant? Made by indie brand, Awake Organics, they have a small line of natural deos which are packaged in fully recyclable metal tins. Free from aluminium, bicarb and fragrance, this unscented version is great for sensitive skin.

For Busy Mums & Low-Maintenance Women: Zoya Naked Manicure Perfector* (14ml, £10, link)
Free from the big five nasties which are commonly found in mainstream nail polish products, Zoya's Naked Manicure Perfector is one of those brilliant low-maintenance gems that instantly pulls your look together and makes adulting look easy, even when you're running around like a headless chicken! This mauve shade compliments a wide range of skin tones and is perfect for busy mums who still want to look their best with a pretty mani.

Antipodes Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum
For City Workers: Antipodes Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum* (30ml, £34.99, link)
Sadly, pollution is a fact of life for those who live and/or work in a city, but you can help your bestie protect their skin from the ageing effects of pollution with this clever serum from Antipodes. Formulated with skin-brightening Marshmallow Bloom extract and Liquorice Root, this bestselling product is packed full of antioxidants to help neutralise free radical damage and provide a protective natural barrier against the worst of city pollution. Best of all, it's suited for most skin types, especially oily skins, and feels lightweight on so it sits well underneath makeup.

 JOIK Strawberries & Sparkling Wine Candle
For The Candle Lover: JOIK Strawberries & Sparkling Wine Candle* (145g, £13.50, link)
Described as a romantic, luxurious and intoxicating mix of Strawberries, Hyacinth, Cassis, White Flowers and Sandalwood blended with Lily Of The Valley and Apple Cider, JOIK's deliciously fruity and floral Strawberries & Sparkling Candle is ideal for the festive party season and beyond. The soy wax base is hand-poured into reusable/recyclable glass and makes a heavenly gift for any candle lover.

For Those In Need Of Some Calm: Kypwell Essentials KypCalm Organic Herbal Tea* (80g, £18, link)
Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year and whilst many of us juggle various commitments here and there, it's always helpful to gift some 'calm' to someone who may be struggling. Kypwell Essentials do a fantastic Organic Herbal Tea called KypCalm which features a bespoke blend of carefully chosen herbs that have been proven to have a relaxing effect during exhausting or distressing times. Sourced from organic cultivations in Cyprus, it contains the likes of Lemon Balm, Lavender, Crataegus, Passion Flower and Hibiscus to help improve stress levels and sleep, and it's also good for relieving PMS symptoms.

Are you buying any green beauty or wellness gifts this year?

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