The Weekend Post: Is Botox The Right Way To Get Rid Of Wrinkles? by Austin K

Sunday 2 February 2020

If how you look is important to you, ageing is bound to be your biggest challenge. Some of the signs of ageing can be hidden easily by simple procedures. Hair colour can hide your grey hairs pretty easily. Other signs like fine lines and wrinkles that appear on your face are a lot harder to deal with. Ageing cannot be reversed, there's no cure for it. There are a lot of good habits one can inculcate to delay the signs of ageing from appearing. Habits like smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol have been known to make things worse faster. Apart from taking preventive steps, there are options one can consider even after fine lines and wrinkles appear on your face. 

Why do wrinkles appear? 

Ageing coincides with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The exact causes may vary depending on where they appear. The way to treat wrinkles depends on the precise cause of why they appear or where they appear. Our facial expressions make our skin fold. This is caused by the contraction of certain facial muscles. Once the face returns to a resting state the skin straightens out due to its elasticity. Ageing reduces the elasticity of the skin. Due to the frequent contraction of the muscles in a similar pattern over the years the skin forms lines where it folds and over the years these lines deepen. For these types of wrinkles, Botox is the best solution available. 

What does Botox do? 

Botox is a powerful toxin that can temporarily paralyse muscles when injected into them. When injected into the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles they get paralysed and the wrinkles get smoothed out. This effect will last between three to six months depending on a few factors. After that period another dose would be required to maintain a wrinkle-free appearance. Botox cannot remove all types of wrinkles though. It is typically used to treat wrinkles that form on the top one-third portion of the face. Most reputed organizations that offer Botox treatments like ​Therapie Clinic ​also offer other solutions. The most common being dermal fillers. 

What are other treatments? 

All wrinkles do not form because of the contraction of facial muscles. Ageing also reduces the tissue volume in the face. This causes the skin to shrink or sag leading to the appearance of wrinkles. Botox cannot help with such wrinkles. Dermal fillers are a range of substances that can be directly injected into the skin to replace the lost volume thereby letting the wrinkles vanish. The treatment will have to be repeated in around ten months. 

Apart from injectables and preventive good habits, there are surgical methods to treat wrinkles. These methods like a facelift are a lot more expensive. It will also involve a longer recovery period. It also comes with the risks associated with surgery and anaesthesia. Injectables are a safe and relatively hassle-free process to get rid of wrinkles. When it comes to wrinkles that form due to muscle contractions Botox is the best option.

Article contributed by Austin K

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