Treat Your Feet: Give Your Feet Some TLC with Tropic Skincare

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Show Your Feet Some Love with Tropic Skincare
One of the little joys that comes with the warmer weather is that glorious feeling of being able to ditch your socks and put your bare feet into your favourite flip-flops or sandals  - I love it! So make sure to show your feet some TLC this summer with these pampering foot care treats from Tropic Skincare.

The range of products that are available from Tropic Skincare never ceases to amaze me - from skincare to haircare, suncare and body care - they have it all! One category that I had yet to explore was their foot care and with the temperature rising this week, it was as good a time as any to test some of them out.

As always, everything from Tropic Skincare is certified cruelty-free and is suitable for vegans -yay!

Show Your Feet Some Love with Tropic Skincare
Tropic Ocean Fizz Foot Soak* (100g, £6, link)
If your feet haven't seen any sunshine since last Summer or if they're feeling tired and weary after a long day, a good soak with this refreshing Ocean Fizz Foot Soak can make a huge difference. This is one of the best products that I've tried for really helping to soften up your feet and after a soak in this, they'll be almost as soft as a baby's bum! To use the Ocean Fizz Foot Soak, just add three tablespoons to warm water and give it a quick mix to activate - it produces a satisfying 'fizz' and then it's ready for you to soak your feet in for a relaxing 5-10 minutes, though I have it tried it for longer and it feels lovely. A spa-like pampering treat that you can enjoy at home for just £6? Bargain!

Tropic Polishing Foot Pebble* (130g, £9, link)
For feet that are particularly dry or rough, Tropic's luxury Polishing Foot Pebble is a godsend. This solid exfoliating bar features White Sand from Bora Bora and Tahitian Volcanic Ash to buff away dry skin, whilst Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils help to instantly refresh and revive. Use it directly onto wet feet to create a cleansing lather for soft and supple feet in no time at all.
Show Your Feet Some Love with Tropic Skincare
Tropic Repairing Foot Remedy* (80ml, £14, link)
In the same league as a lip balm and hand cream, a hardworking foot cream is a beauty essential in everyone's bedroom/bathroom and this Repairing Foot Remedy offers an intense softening treatment for dry feet. I found that it works particularly well on cracked heels thanks to its super hydrating formula that uses the likes of Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Illipe and Cupuacu Butters, to really deeply nourish and repair dry and damaged skin. There's also Aspen Bark extract included which contains Salicyclic Acid to gently dissolve dead skin cells for a smoother result. The rich, thick texture is brilliant with an uplifting fresh fragrance, and it doesn't feel greasy or sticky.

Do you look after your feet?

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