The Weekend Post: Role of Essay Writing for Students #AD

Saturday 11 July 2020

All students ought to write various types of academic papers. Essays are the most popular and frequently assigned projects. To receive high grades, students are supposed to have advanced writing skills. However, it’s not the only reason why you should enhance your essay writing.

Many students tend to use a pro essay writing service to handle some of the most complicated tasks. Such services do real miracles and write perfect pieces that guarantee the highest grades. Unfortunately, many students overuse them and, so, stop to develop their own skills. They don’t even realize how much they lose when they don’t develop writing skills. This article will illustrate the role of essay writing for students and how it benefits them.

Enhanced Critical Thinking

First of all, students ought to use their brains to write great pieces. They cannot simply write several sentences that aren’t related to one another. An essay must be whole and must make sense. Consequently, students have to think about what to write about, where to find the information, how to use the retrieved information, and how to use it properly. These and similar steps enhance the critical thinking of students.

Students begin to evaluate the whole process and synthesize it from the slightest detail to the final version. As they develop critical thinking, they also enhance problem-solving and analytical skills. It’s necessary to analyze the data you possess and how to overcome any problem. These skills will be useful in other aspects of life as well.

The Possibility to Convey Your Thoughts

Sometimes people have great ideas but they cannot properly express them. Perhaps they have poor writing skills. It has been proved many times that when we write, we learn how to express our thoughts clearly. It’s not an easy process and takes sometimes quite long. Nonetheless, the time students spend to master the art of message delivery is worth a try. If they plainly convey their thoughts, they receive high grades and other people will easily understand their ideas on the paper, as well as during a conversation.

Improved Organization

Students get more disciplined and organized when they write essays. It happens in two ways. Firstly, they plan how to write their essays. It’s necessary to:
  • Choose a topic;
  • Research it;
  • Create an outline;
  • Set deadlines;
  • Decide what to write;
  • Revise, etc.

These are organizational aspects of writing. If an organization is incorrect, everything may come to ruin. Secondly, students develop a habit to write. Although some of them may dislike that stuff, they are obliged to write essays. Otherwise, they’ll drop out of college.

This habit and realization of responsibility turn them into well-disciplined and organized people. Afterward, this habit will embrace other activities of students, which is actually great.

Better Career Perspectives

Effective writing skills are valuable at work as well. A special project of the University of California has checked this theory. It proved that employers require educated experts who have advanced writing skills. Such people are much smarter, quick-minded, creative, and flexible. Such employees and corporate leaders have greater chances to get promoted compared to those with weak writing skills. Over 90% of participants agreed on this statement.

The Usefulness in Real Life

Finally, improved writing skills, as well as problem-solving, analytical, critical thinking, and similar skills help in every aspect of real life. Good writers are great communicators. It’s always pleasant to converse with such folks. They know a lot and their sentences are properly structured and are grammatically correct. They can clearly express their ideas. Besides, such people become important workers. Their solutions come quickly and commonly, they are correct and efficient.

Quick Tips to Write Winning Essays

As we actively discuss the advantages of essay writing for international students, it makes sense to tell how to write great essays. There are several classic tips, which will help to write winning essays regardless of their type, topic, and discipline. These are:

Choose meaningful topics. You must choose only relevant topics. Consider the interests of your audience and focus on a problem, which is really important for them.

Research the main question. Always feedback your theories if you write a scientific essay. Find trustworthy information sources to support your thesis.

Create topic sentences. Sometimes students get stuck in certain parts of their essays. They may lack the plain objective to dwell upon. Thus, you should write the so-called topic sentence for every paragraph. It acts on the behalf of a sub-thesis. If you forget what to discuss, simply look at that sentence.

Enlarge your vocabulary. It’s essential to expand your active vocabulary. You’ll lose many grades if all your essays are full of the same lexicon. Therefore, read a lot and use online dictionaries.

Apply technology. Don’t forget that technology is our friend. Many supporting applications help to detect mistakes and plagiarism, avoid procrastination, select relevant topics, insert correct citations and references, become organized, control time effectively, etc.

Have an editor. It’s vital to reread your essays to spot some mistakes. At times, we miss some of them and so, get a good editor who will help you.

We’re quite confident that every student will think twice before he/she refuses to boost essay writing. It’s utterly beneficial in a great variety of ways and helps in various aspects of life. An academic sphere is only one of them and you can succeed in other spheres too if your essay writing skills are advanced and regularly practiced.

Author’s Bio
Joan Young is an aspiring journalist and copywriter with a deep interest in sociology, inventions and technological progress. She provides online tutoring sessions to international students and finds immense pleasure in witnessing their writing progress. Currently, she is employed by AdvancedWriters essay writing company. Some of her insights can be found in her author’s column on blog.

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