Foodie Friday: Relaxing Treats - 5 Delicious CBD Edibles You Should Try #AD

Friday 30 October 2020

If you haven’t been paying attention to the CBD health craze, you may have missed the wealth of delicious CBD edibles that have flooded the market in recent years. These treats offer the health benefits of CBD, all while being delicious and nutritious. One of the most popular CBD edibles is CBD Gummies. The best thing about it is you can buy CBD gummies for sleep online as well as offline as per your suitability. But are you aware of other CBD edibles like chocolate, jam, and many more? If you’re looking for some interesting treats to try, here are some of the most delicious CBD edibles in the market.

1 - CBD chocolate

There are two approaches when it comes to making CBD chocolate. The boring approach is to use CBD isolates, which leads to a final product that tastes just like regular chocolate. You see, CBD in isolation takes the form of a flavourless white powder, which can be added to any recipe without altering the food’s flavour. Which is good if you don’t like the distinct earthly flavour of hemp, but if you are looking for interesting culinary experiences, buying this type of product will be pointless.

Luckily, there are manufacturers that choose to make chocolate bars using full-spectrum CBD, which often carries hemp biomass. Some go the extra mile and add decarboxylated hemp to the mix, further accentuating the taste of the plant within the mixture. The result is a CBD chocolate bar that tastes nothing like anything you’ve tasted before, creating flavours that you might fall in love with.

2 - CBD ice cream

Ice cream and CBD makes for an interesting combination and a great treat for relaxing on a hot summer day. Remember: CBD remains active when ingested. Meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy all the usual benefits of CBD, which includes a reduction in your overall levels of both stress and anxiety.

CBD ice cream can be bought from different stores, but it is also relatively easy to do yourself. And while homemade CBD chocolate isn’t always that flavorful, homemade CBD ice cream can be excellent.

3 - CBD jam

One of the advantages of infused jam is the wide variety of recipes you can use it with. CBD jam can be used as part of a sandwich, eaten with crackers, or even be used as an ice cream topping. The possibilities are endless.

4 - CBD cakes and brownies

Cake mixes containing CBD can be bought from different stores, or you can add your own CBD to a given mix. Just choose a mix that takes vegetable oil as part of the recipe, and when it comes time to use the oil, also add Cibdol’s CBD oil to the mix. The result will be an infused cake that can also taste quite unique, depending on how much CBD you use.

5 - CBD beverages

CBD drinks and beverages are often sold alongside edibles, since they both share the same consumption method. And a good relaxing CBD drink is definitely a treat you should give yourself from time to time. CBD can be found in everything from soft drinks to tea and coffee. You can even find sparkly CBD water for sale, which makes for a great way to stay calm and hydrated during long hikes or runs.
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