The Weekend Post: Boost your productivity and efficiency with these home office updates

Friday 2 October 2020


Are you still working from home? Due to the coronavirus outbreak, more of us than ever before are working from home permanently, which means millions of us trying to work, answer emails and deal with clients, all whilst avoiding the distractions and discomfort of home working.

You can’t get comfortable, there are too many distractions, you’re constantly visiting the fridge and the cupboard, you can’t find anything and you seem to be trapped in a perpetual struggle of disorganisation and frustration. Well, enough is enough! 

If you’re facing months of home-working then you need to start taking it seriously. So, creating a home office that not only keeps you attentive and comfortable but one that boosts your productivity and efficiency should be your first task. Check out these home office updates below and afterwards head on over to my Work With Me page if there's anything I can help with to support your brand or company.


One thing many office workers don't miss is the office lighting. Glaring overhead lights that trigger migraines and eye strain is hardly something you yearn for now you're working from home. However, lighting is still something you should take seriously. For those dull corner lamps and dusty ceiling lights, making the switch to LED lights – such as a gu10 bulb - can improve your comfort and productivity. 

LED lights are ideal for working environments, with cool, warm and daylight colour options all available in various styles that complement your d├ęcor and working space. It makes sense to switch to LEDs. Not only that but LED lights are also cheaper to run so in those dark winter months and those long nights of overtime you won't be worrying about your electricity bill. 

Get some more storage

More equipment? Files? Paperwork? Tech or stationery? It doesn’t take much for our desks to become cluttered and stressful, so investing in some additional storage is a simple yet effective solution. Installing some simple shelves so you can store boxes, a bookcase, or even a small filing cabinet will keep your desk and your mind clear, so you can focus on the task at hand. Make sure to keep your makeup and any deskside beauty essentials tidy with their own makeup storage unit so they don't serve as a distraction.

Play around with colours

If your office space is grey and bland then it's going to impact your productivity. Adding a little fire or spice to your walls will certainly give your attention span and your output a boost. You don't have to paint the room bright red or a zingy yellow but a simple feature wall in a bold colour can work wonders. 

If you’re renting and unable to redecorate, don’t worry. You can create the same effect by adding pops of colour throughout your workspace. Desk accessories, artwork, rugs, or even a brightly coloured chair to sit on could do the trick.

And finally, surround yourself with motivation

You don’t have an office manager telling you what you can or can’t have on your desk anymore. So, let your creativity run rampant. Surrounding yourself with motivation can help you get through those tough mornings and difficult deadlines. 

Photos of your children, postcards from places you’ve travelled to, something you painted or made, your greatest achievements framed and placed on the wall above your desk. Surround yourself with things that bring you joy and your productivity will flourish! 

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