The Weekend Post: How To Add Style to Plain Walls When You Rent with a DIY Canvas Print from Photowall

Sunday 31 January 2021

Whether you choose to rent or feel that you're stuck where you are whilst saving up to buy your own home, rented accommodation usually has one thing in common - plain, boring, magnolia walls. Thankfully, it's easy to add your own personal sense of taste and style to your rented living space with some DIY Canvas Prints!

In The Secret Lives of Colour, author Kassia St Clair describes the shade magnolia as the most  'inoffensive' colour which explains why landlords are so drawn to it. This bland, 'safe' colour has haunted me throughout my many years of renting, and whilst you can sometimes twist your landlord's arm to allow yourself a little bit of redecorating freedom (as I managed to do last year during the first lockdown with my blue accent wall in the living room - yay!), most of the time, you're met with a stern 'No' and have to resort to other methods of self-expression.

This is perhaps why creating gallery walls and hanging canvas prints has become so popular with my Millenial generation, so I was thrilled when the ultra-trendy Swedish brand Photowall got in touch with me to ask if I'd like to review one of their Canvas Prints.

They have an enormous range of prints, wall murals, photo wallpapers, posters and more available online with fast and free UK shipping. After much deliberation and scrolling through some incredible designs, I finally found the perfect piece of art to liven up one of the boring magnolia walls in my living room - hooray!

When you order a Canvas Print from Photowall, it arrives in a long slim box which is very Ikea as all of the components are typically Swedish in the standard flat-pack tradition. The first task is to assemble the frame which comes with self-adhesive strips and some metal fixtures for the corners to keep everything tight and secure. 

I found the assembly pretty easy to do by myself, but I would recommend having someone to help you hold it flat if you've ordered one of the larger sized prints. 

Once the frame is assembled, you simply roll out the canvas print, stretch it over the frame and glue it on with the self-adhesive strips on the frame itself. I was a little dubious about this at first, but I can assure you that this self-adhesive glue is STRONG! Again, I would recommend an extra pair of hands to help you get this absolutely perfect.

There is a quick and easy assembly video on the Photowall website if you need any assistance.

Et voila!

My chosen canvas print is titled 'Laura' by the South African art photographer Gabriela Slegrova, and I love it so much as I was looking for something that combined the two elements of water and feminity - this was just perfect. The quality is fantastic and it was easy to hang up (it comes with a sturdy metal fixture). It's definitely helped to make my living room less 'rented' and more 'home'.

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