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Tuesday 6 April 2021

With an Artic blast currently sweeping across the country, there's no better time to wrap up warm on the sofa with a cuppa and Netflix, so why not enjoy some gorgeous home fragrance scents at the same time?

I was recently introduced to Chameleon Candles via Instagram (which coincidentally is where I seem to be discovering so many amazing small businesses at the moment!) by the founder Hani who got in touch with me to ask if I'd like to try out some of his products. Hani started to learn how to make candles, wax melts and stop motion animation when the pandemic began last year, as a way to find some positivity, creativity and inner peace in a world that was quickly being engulfed by panic, negativity and uncertanity. 

He named his small business Chameleon Candles as chameleons are well known for their ability to change their colour to adapt to whatever environment they're in, which suited Hani perfectly as he takes inspiration from nature and the changing seasons, as well as being able to adapt his products to produce candles and wax melts of all sizes, shapes and scents.

Hani very kindly sent me a selection of his amazing products to try and I'm thrilled to share them with you all below! Everything is handmade and poured in small batches in Brighton from natural plant-based wax for a clean burn.

Chameleon Candles Teddy Bear 3D Wax Melts* (box of 4, £11.95, link)

These adorable 3D Teddy Bear Wax Melts are some of the cutest products that I've ever been sent - they are almost too cute to actually use! Crafted from a blend of high quality, vegan-friendly plant-based wax and fragrance oils, each teddy bear weighs 50g so these will last a good while in your oil burner. 

In the box of four, you can select the fragrances that you'd like from an enticing list which includes Velvet Rose & Oud, Honey, Avocado Mint, Ruby Jasmine, Kir Royale and more. I was sent two beautiful teddies in Grapefruit & Lemon (very uplifting and citrusy) and Blackberry Jam (fruity and sweet). These really do pack a punch in the fragrance department and would make a beautiful gift for someone special.

Chameleon Candles Roses 3D Wax Melts (box of 10, £10.95, link) and Teddy Bear Wax Melts (box of 6, £4.45, link)

If you are as in love with rose scents as I am, you will of course love these 3D Rose Wax Melts which have a classic and timeless rose fragrance, and for those who are a budget or just want to try something out from Chameleon Candles, the Teddy Bear Wax Melts are a great affordable option where you try four different scents of your choice. The Honey and Oud scents are highly recommended!

Chameleon Candles Velvet Rose & Oud Medium Candle* (230g, £17.95, link)

Chameleon Candles truly excel at creating luxurious, clean-burning candles and they have a wide range of scents available, many of which are similar to popular women's fragrances. This Velvet Rose & Oud Candle is comparable to the much-loved fragrance of the same name by Jo Malone and features rich and textured notes of smoky Oud wood with sweet and creamy Praline, and spikes of spicy Clove. It's warm and inviting so perfect for lounge areas when you have guests over in the future, or for creating a sophisticated and cosy ambience for the evening. 

Beautifully presented with a dark wooden lid that doubles up as a coaster/stand and bearing the bronze wax seal logo of Chameleon Candles.

Discover the full range at

Have you discovered any new small business that you love?

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