Tried & Tested: Infused Amphora Inhale 20% CBD Peace Cart & Vista Chrome Vape Pen review

Thursday 15 July 2021


If vaping isn't for you, then feel free to skip past this post, but I felt like I wanted to mention it on here as I've been using natural CBD-based vapes for a short while now to help with symptoms of stress and anxiety

Over the years, I've talked about using many different types of CBD products and I've tried lots of different formats, from edible gummies and teas to the now hugely mainstream CBD Oil drops. Check out my previous features on CBD here.

Vaping is a relatively new approach for me and before I properly get into this post, I just want to say that I don't use any nicotine-based vapes, I only use CBD ones. 

I was recently invited to try out an all-natural CBD vape from Infused Amphora and after doing some additional research, I was excited to give it a go.

Infused Amphora Inhale CBD in Peace (20% CBD, 0.3ml, £35, link)

Infused Amphora has a range of all-natural CBD Vapes as part of their Inhale CBD product line and each one features a different blend to help promote corresponding health benefits, e.g there's Peace, ZZZ, Inspire and Mend. 

What attracted me to this brand is that their vapes are made from only two natural ingredients; 20% CBD distillate sourced from 100% organically grown hemp and plant-sourced Terpenes for maximum benefit from the entourage effect. This is vastly different from the majority of vaping products on the market which usually contain a lot of additives, carrier oils, and questionable artificial ingredients. All of Infused Amphora's vapes are free from nicotine, pesticides, and THC free so you're getting a pure, natural, and vegan-friendly wellness product.

I decided to try the Peace vape cart which helps to take the edge of stress for a calm and tranquil feeling, and is described as an 'embrace of a warm hug'. It has a pleasant, non-bitter flavour with notes of sweet Wood, Peppercorn and Grapefruit and is incredibly smooth on the palate. 

Having used it daily for a few weeks now, I can say it definitely does help to promote a sense of calm and would suit those who have mild symptoms of anxiety and stress. If you find that you easily get upset or worried, give this a go and enjoy the rebalancing effect that CBD is so useful for.

Infused Amphora Vista Chrome Vape Pen* (£59, link)

Available in a range of colours, Infused Amphora's Vista Vape Pens are reusable and super sleek. The main features include a long-lasting smart 320 mAh battery and three power settings (2.8v, 3.2v and 3.6v) so you can choose your ideal vaping strength - these are shown by coloured lights on the LED indicator. Charging it is easy with the magnetic charging port that plugs into a USB adapter and with its fast click mechanism, using it is even easier.

These vape pens fit all of Amphora's cartridges and will fit most 510 thread carts as well which is the standard for the majority of mainstream vape pen devices. The carts fit neatly where the black part is (see first photo above) and I haven't had any issues with leaking or burnout which are more common with cheaper vape pens. As always, you get what you pay for!

Shop the full range at

Do you use CBD vapes?

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