The Weekend Post: Wedding Bartender Cost Guide - Everything You Need to Know #AD

Friday 29 October 2021


As a wedding planner or the bride, one of the things you will be confronted with is the number of bartenders you will need. As the premier bartender hire London folks trust, Bar Brothers Events have the expertise in organizing the perfect wedding bar t make your special day even more memorable. As to whether one wedding bartender can suffice, or you will need more, this depends on a few different factors. The number of guests you invite is just one of these. You will also need to factor in the venue design layout, the skill level of mixologist hire, and the types of drinks you want to be served.

Basic Wedding Bartender Calculations

The standard rule is that you will need one bartender for every 15 guests. This will allow you to serve them as many drinks as possible. Wedding bartenders are skilled at their work and serve drinks much faster than your best friend or a waiter would.

The other thing to be taken into account is the event venue layout, particularly with regard to how it affects guest movements. Even when it may appear that you only need one bartender hire London the worst thing that can happen is your guests standing around waiting to be served drinks. Mobile bartender servers and bartender stations with trays of drinks provide a readymade solution to this problem. More importantly, mixologist hire also keeps the party moving and avoids subjecting your guests to those frustrating delays.

Wedding Reception Bar Costs To Keep in Mind

Corkage Fee

In case you want to be the one stocking your own bar, chances are that you will be required to meet the corkage fee of the venue you have hired to enable you to bring alcohol onto the site. The fee may be charged per bottle or per person, which can make it add up pretty quickly. If you intend to serve your own alcohol, make sure the contract stipulates the corkage fee before you sign between the dotted lines.

Liability Insurance

It does not matter whether you decide to use a professional service, a third party, or even want to stock the bar yourself. The most important thing is that you ensure there is liability insurance in place to protect you from any eventuality. If the caterer or the venue is insured, you may be covered. Otherwise, it is advisable to get liability insurance that protects you from an alcohol-related incident during the wedding or after the event.


Where your contract does not have gratuity or a service fee, it is advisable to tip your bartender London 20% of a final bar tab. But if the fee is included already, you need not tip, unless you choose to.

Physical Bar and Glassware Rentals

For venues that don’t have a bar, you will either need to rent one or look for an alternative. Also, if you choose to stock your bar, you will also have to rent glassware. You can hire your glassware through your caterer or a rental company.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Bar Staff

There are many questions that you need to ask when it comes to mixologist hire. The first one is the type of drinks that they can serve. Also, let them gauge the number of bartenders they think is necessary.

Bar Brothers Events has special packages based on what your preference is for a party or a reception. We even let you order special glassware for making your champagne toast more memorable and elegant. Or, you can ask our specialist bartender London to serve you a signature cocktail.

The best thing about using a professional service like Bar Brothers Events is that they know just how to staff any event. We will bring all the appropriate glassware and accessories. Also, we enable you to save money when you purchase your own alcohol through us. We will ensure you get just enough drinks and don’t have to pay for extra that you don’t need. The savings you make on bar accessories, glassware, and liquor will enable you to remain within your budget.

When it comes to mixologist hire, quality is just as important as quantity

While getting a sufficient number of bartenders is crucial for the success f your wedding, it is also important that you get highly skilled bartenders. Your wedding is a rare occasion, and so you want to ensure that everything proceeds like clockwork. Getting inexperienced bartenders is dangerous because they cannot be trusted to keep up with a packed party. Even worse, guests will have a bad memory of your event if they are made to wait around for long only to be served incorrectly mixed cocktails.

The only way to avoid these problems is to opt for first-rate bartending professionals. Also, you will need to ensure that you are using a licensed bartender London for your wedding. This is to avoid a situation where your most important occasion becomes a legal nightmare. Bartenders like Bar Brothers Events have trained bartenders that operate within the law and follow all the laid-down regulations, for instance, not serving drinks to minors.


Whether your guests are big drinkers or not nearly all wedding receptions will have one kind of a bar or another. But the sheer number of options at your disposal can overwhelm you when planning a wedding. Do you go with a cash bar or open bar? Should you choose a drink package or not? Fortunately for you, we have broken down all these details to save you from stress.

Better still, you can opt for professional mixologist hire from a reputable bartender service. These experts are trained at making the best cocktails for your guests. Whether you want a signature cocktail or special glassware accessories to compliment your drinks, they can do it all. Moreover, they are licensed and fully insured. When you hire a specialist bartender hire London like Bar Brothers Events, you can rest easy that your guests will be attended to properly. This allows you to fully enjoy your day without worrying about your guests. Call us today to speak to our representatives.
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