Healthier Home Fragrance: Saint Come Aroma Spray Tea Tree Ravintsara Airborne Aromatherapy review

Friday 26 November 2021


Freshen up your home and banish pet smells the natural way with Saint Come's range of aerosol-free, non-toxic aromatherapy sprays.

With the festive season rapidly approaching, many of us are already sprucing up our homes and living spaces, adding all the Christmas decorations, and clearing the clutter to get ready to welcome our loved ones. Now, as someone who has two beautiful dogs, there's always one thing on my mind - will my home smell 'doggy' to my guests? 

I know, I know, we shouldn't be embarrassed by this but as a host, I always want to make things as cosy and welcoming as possible, and sometimes those doggy smells are a bit off-putting, no matter how adorable they are!

It's easy to freshen up your living space without having to resort to polluting aerosol sprays and plug-in fresheners with questionable ingredients. Instead, you can opt for one of Saint Come's aerosol-free Aroma Sprays which are infused with 100% pure grade and natural premium essential oils.

I particularly like their Tea Tree Ravintsara Aroma Spray that boasts an uplifting and blissfully refreshing blend of Tea Tree, Oregano, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Cedar and Ravintsara essential oils. This concentrated formula is free from preservatives and can be used in any room to instantly eliminate odours. Not only does it smell fresh and zingy with a herbal twist, but the addition of Tea Tree and Ravintsara mean that's it's useful for offering some natural anti-viral protection against those pesky seasonal ear, nose and throat conditions that plague this time of the year, as well as the common cold. 

A quick spritz here and there is all you need for some dual defence for your home this Winter!

Saint Come Aroma Spray Tea Tree Ravintsara Airborne Aromatherapy* (100ml, £11.99, link)

Do you use natural air fresheners?

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