Savvy Lifestyle: 3 Ways to Express Your Creativity Without Overspending

Tuesday 21 June 2022


When you’re trying to save money, it’s usually the things you enjoy that you cut back on first. This means stifling your creativity. However, it is possible to save money and still do some of the things that make you the person you are. Here’s how.

Printing costs

Whether you like printing photos, your written work, or anything else which expresses your creative side, the printing costs can add up. You can lower these by choosing PrinterInks for your replacement toners and cartridges. They have canon ink cartridges and toners, as well as other major brands, all at affordable prices. It could cost you less for your personal and professional printing. There’s free delivery too, so the price you see is the price you pay.
Looking for beauty bargains

If you prefer being creative in the way you look, you don’t need to stop using the make-up or beauty items that you use to create your different looks. Just look for bargains on those items, or anything similar. The benefit of doing this is, that you might find products you like even more than those you use regularly.


Fashion can also be a form of expressing creativity and personality, and is another thing you don’t have to cut back on. You can reduce how much you spend by shopping out of season. This often means the outfits you buy will be in the sale, and if you’re not bothered about wearing the latest fashions, it’s a great way to save money on clothes you love wearing.

You can also look around charity shops. Many people find bargains in these shops, and sometimes you’ll find branded clothes at a fraction of the price. If you don’t have many charity shops nearby, you can always use an app dedicated to buying and selling second-hand clothing, or websites like eBay.

Look at ways to make money from your interests

Many creative people make money from their interests, so it may be possible to do something similar. This way, your creativity will pay for itself and might even extend to paying the bills. For example, if you love pampering yourself or trying out a new look with the latest make-up ranges, you could start a blog, or a vlog if you’re confident being on camera. This is a visual subject, and people prefer to see the results of the products you recommend to them.

Alternatively, a creative interest like photography can earn you money if you sell your photographs to one of the many websites set up for photographers to do this. Your images must be high quality, and it helps if you capture something from a unique angle, or get a shot of something which few others have captured.

So, it’s not only possible to keep pursuing your creative interests without overspending, but you can also make money from them. You might not want to risk losing the enjoyment by turning it into a full-time job, but it could provide a successful side income.
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