Christmas Gift Guide 2022: FOSS Candles - Icelandic Christmas & Icelandic Café Gift Sets review #ShopSmall

Thursday 15 December 2022

 Foss Candles - Icelandic Christmas & Icelandic Café Gift Sets review

What's that you say, a second candle feature in this year's gift guide?! Well, who can blame me - candles just scream Christmas and I wanted to throw a special spotlight on this small company called FOSS Candles.

FOSS is an interesting indie brand as it's been created by a half-British, half-Icelandic couple from Lancaster. Their natural, vegan-friendly, soy wax candles are handmade in their studio and inspired by the nature and beauty of Iceland. In fact, 'foss' means waterfall in Icelandic, and these beautifully scented candles will transport you to the wild wonders of the land of ice and fire. 

I have truly fallen in love with FOSS as I adore Iceland - it really doesn't get any more Christmassy does it?! They have lots of scents to choose from, however, these two gift sets below are just perfect for the festive season.

Foss Candles - Icelandic Christmas & Icelandic Café Gift Sets review
FOSS Icelandic Christmas Gift Set (£18.95)

Comprising of three 60ml mini candles, FOSS' Icelandic Christmas Gift showcases their most popular seasonal scents so that you can fill your home with the most Christmassy vibes possible. Each candle has a burn time of around 10 hours so it's a good value-for-money option too.

Jólagõgg is the name for Icelandic mulled wine and this candle is bursting full of juicy Berries, uplifting Orange, and warming Festive Spices. It's a proper hug-in-a-mug type of fragrance to keep you cozy on a cold winter's night. 

Jólataré means Christmas Tree in Icelandic so you can expect notes of the freshest Pine and Nordic Spruce. If you love revitalizing outdoorsy scents, this is the one for you.

Jól is the name for Christmas in Icelandic and this candle is basically that! It's the most traditional festive scent of Christmas Spices with an exquisite blend of Orange, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove & Nutmeg.

Foss Candles - Icelandic Christmas & Icelandic Café Gift Sets review
FOSS Icelandic Café Gift Set (£22.95)

Coffee culture is a big part of the Icelandic lifestyle and Reykjavik is home to some of the cosiest cafés and bakeries that you'll ever find. Naturally, I was drawn to the Icelandic Café Gift Set as I love sweet & coffee scents, and of course, it didn't disappoint!

This duo has larger 120ml candles which boast a burn time of 24 hours each. Bakarí is a delicious fragrance of sweet Honey blended with Cinnamon and spiced Vanilla - it smells just like cinnamon rolls which you'll find freshly baked in abundance in Icelandic bakeries. Kaffi is a classic Coffee & Vanilla scent that's instantly comforting - it's hard to pick a favourite here!

Foss Candles - Icelandic Christmas & Icelandic Café Gift Sets review
FOSS Lava Melt Samples (£1 each)

I was pleased to see that FOSS offer some of their bestselling candle scents as soy wax melts as well and they have a handy try-before-you-buy sample range. For just £1, you can pick up one 5g soy wax melt which has a burn time of around 6-8 hours. It was difficult to not want to fill my basket with one of every scent, however, I opted for just five in the end, including one Jól melt for a friend.

The other four are Valhalla (smoky Whiskey, Orange and spicy Black Pepper), Norðurljós (the Icelandic word for Northern Lights - Lavender, Eucalyptus and Pomelo), Blóm (Wild Fig, Cassis & Tomato Leaf), and Víðsýni (Icelandic for panoramic vista - an interesting blend of Coconut Leaf, Orange, Ginger, and White Tea).

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