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Friday 10 March 2023

JAMU Wild Water review | Sparkling Natural Water Drinks

Natural, zero sugar, and ultra-refreshing, sparkling water soft drinks are definitely having a moment right now. Jamu Wild Water is one such brand that's leading the way and is helping kids to reconnect with nature at the same time.

Whilst I'm an avid tea and general still water fan, there's something about a healthy fizzy drink that often hits the spot. I love kombucha and all the gut-friendly sodas out there, but I decided to try something different recently when I spotted Jamu Wild Water at my local health food store.

JAMU Wild Water review | Sparkling Natural Water Drinks
Frustrated by the lack of properly healthy soft drinks that are aimed at young people, husband and wife team Patrick and Tahi decided to create Jamu Wild Water. The idea was to create a drink that the whole family could enjoy that was entirely free from sugar, artificial colours, preservatives, and sweeteners

Infused with British-grown botanicals, added vitamins and minerals, plus prebiotic fiber for a healthy gut, Jamu Wild Water is also on a mission to help reconnect young people with nature, something that many feel has been lost over the past generation due to the growth of tech products and a lack of access to green spaces. To help to fix this problem, Jamu gives 10% of its sales to rewilding projects through its Wild Kids schemes which aims to promote an eco-friendly movement to actively encourage families to connect with and protect nature by spending more time outdoors. You can find out more here.

JAMU Wild Water review | Sparkling Natural Water Drinks
So what does Jamu Wild Water taste like? There are currently three flavours to choose from and of course, I had to try them all!

Natural Sparkling Lemon is a 2022 award-winner and this one is a super easy switch for kids who love their lemonade drinks. It has all the vibrancy and zest of a high quality lemonade but without all the sugar. Instead, there's a little natural sweetener from Stevia and Erythritol included, and each can provides 38% RDA of Vitamin C and Zinc, alongside extracts of Dandelion and Nettle.

Natural Sparkling Raspberry is another award-winner with extracts of Elderberry and Marshmallow. It shares the same natural sweeteners and Vitamin C and Zinc quantities, plus the prebiotic fiber which is found in all the Jamu drinks. Very fruity and refreshing.

Natural Sparkling Blood Orange is my personal favourite and this one is particularly juicy and bursting with summery citrus vibes! Again it has the same natural sweetners etc, but is boosted by the superstar immune helper Echinacea so it's a great one to try if you have a cold or are feeling under the weather.

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