My Top 5 Favourite Scents From Aromatherapy Associates

Wednesday 1 March 2023

My Top 5 Favourite Scents From Aromatherapy Associates

When it comes to luxury aromatherapy products, British brand Aromatherapy Associates is one name that always comes highly recommended within the industry and is loved by influencers and celebrities alike. 

A cruelty-free and certified B Corporation, I love the wide range of essential oil blends that Aromatherapy Associates are famous for. From their iconic Bath & Shower Oils that will turn every bathroom into its own home spa, to their addictive Rollerballs which can be conveniently popped into every handbag and desk drawer for an immediate moment of calm, it's clear why so many adore their Aromatherapy Associates products.

But where to start if you're new to the brand? Here are my top five favourite AA scents to get you going.

My Top 5 Favourite Scents From Aromatherapy Associates
Aromatherapy Associates Morning Bath & Shower Oil in Revive (55ml, £55)

Revive is Aromatherapy Associates' bestselling, award-winning morning bath & shower oil and it's a product that I have personally dubbed a hangover cure. That's right; if you've been out celebrating and partying until the small hours and wake up feeling like death (as you do when you hit your 30's), this is the awakening remedy that you need in your bathroom the next morning.

This energising blend boasts essential oils of Grapefruit, Rosemary, and Juniper Berry which all work together to magically uplift and refresh your weary mind and body. Citrusy and woody, Revive always hits the spot when I need it the most.

The ritual - how to use: warm one capful in your hands and breathe in deeply. Massage into the body before stepping into a bath or shower. You'll get about 20 or so 'well-being moments' from each full-size Bath & Shower Oil which works out at around £2.75 per bath/shower experience.  

My Top 5 Favourite Scents From Aromatherapy Associates
Aromatherapy Associates Muscle Bath & Shower Oil in De-Stress (9ml, £12)

Next up, we have De-Stress from the popular Muscle range. Comprising of Lavender, Rosemary, Ginger and Black Pepper, it mixes these warming and energising essential oils together to help your tired muscles recover. I particularly enjoy using De-Stress after doing exercise and it's great for things like soothing sore muscles after pilates and yoga. These smaller 9ml travel-size minis are also brilliant for discovering your favourite fragrance blend before splashing out on the bigger bottle, and you'll get around 3-4 baths from each mini as these formulas are so potent.

Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil in Support Equilibrium (9ml, £12)

Support Equilibrium is a relatively new-to-me fragrance from Aromatherapy Associates and I decided to give it a try after a friend recommended it to me. It also popped up in the recent Naturisimo Go Love Yourself Discovery Box so you can tell it's a popular choice with natural beauty fans! Described as one of the brand's hidden gems, Support Equilibrium is bursting with uplifting Rose, balancing Geranium, and mind-focusing Frankincense essential oils to bring some balance and harmony to your day.

My Top 5 Favourite Scents From Aromatherapy Associates
Aromatherapy Associates Rollerball in Support Breathe (10ml, £25)

If you're not a fan of bath & shower oils or prefer something that you can use at your desk or whilst on your commute, the Rollerballs are a fantastic alternative and come in the same fragrance blends. For those times when I'm feeling run down with a cold or suffering from allergies, I like to have Support Breathe in my handbag as this contains Tea Tree, Pine, and Eucalyptus essential oils, AKA all the amazing natural ones that help to decongest and clear your sinuses! Also comes in handy for plane journeys and anywhere where there's a lot of recycled air conditioning like stuffy office spaces.

Aromatherapy Associates Rollerball in Deep Relax (10ml, £25)   

Another favourite for travel is Deep Relax and this blend is really interesting as it was born out of Aromatherapy Associates' co-founder Geraldine Howard's studies in aromatherapy and sleep. Featuring a blend of Chamomile, Sandalwood, and Vetivert, it has a classic tried and tested sleep-inducing formula to help calm, ground and relax you, wherever you are. I personally find it very useful for times when I'm feeling anxious as there's something quite comforting about this scent. 

The ritual - how to use: apply directly to your pulse points such as your wrists, close your eyes, and breathe in deeply. Apply as often as needed.

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What are your favourite essential oils?
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