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Monday 25 July 2011


I bought a couple of bits from Lush recently with the last of the vouchers I received for my birthday, back in June. It's save to say that I now have enough Lush products to last me until Christmas!

Here's what I picked up:-

Fair Trade Foot Lotion
- I've repurchased this so many times. It's a lovely spearminty lotion that makes my feet nice and soft. I use it almost daily and this big pot will last me a good couple of months.

New shampoo bar - I've tried this out twice and my hair hates it. Too drying for me so I'm going to swap/sell it on I think.

Tea Tree Toner - Bought the small size to try it out. I wish I had gotten the bigger size up now because it's so good! I find that the best way to use this is by spraying it all over your face, leaving it on for a moment and then removing the excess with a cotton wool pad. Lovely and refreshing and seems to be helping to calm my combination/oily skin.

Creme Anglaise hand & body lotion - They had these next to the till for £1 so I decided to try it out. Smells great, absorbs into the skin quickly with no greasiness, really like it. May invest in a big pot when I'm feeling a bit more flush and have used up the other 10000 body lotions in my room.

American Cream conditioner - This is one of their 'double strength' hair conditioners so I thought I'd give it a go. Oh. My. God. This smells amazing! It's a nicely balanced (not too overpowering, yet not too weak either) sweet vanilla scent that lingers in your hair for hours afterwards. It conditions really well, no heavy product feeling at all and left my hair shiny and soft. Will definitely be repurchasing in the bigger size.
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  1. omg , I looove walking into lush! haha

  2. @Loretta

    It's so hard to resist! :D


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