Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners

Monday 15 August 2011


Urban Decay have recently celebrated their 15th anniversary and launched a super amazing eyeshadow collection and eye liner pencil set. UD have always been a firm favourite brand of mine and I've been doing some serious umming and ahhing about whether to splash out on the new palette/box.

Whilst most will agree that their eyeshadows are some of the best on the market, I don't see as much praise for their 24/7 eyeliner pencils as I used to, perhaps due to the popularity of gel liners. I still use my 24/7s on a regular basis though because they are super smooth and creamy, never drag on my skin and last all day.

Above are the ones I have in my collection and some swatches below. Most have been acquired through palettes/Ltd Ed sets.


From L-R: Zero (not the blackest black but I still like it for everyday wear), Whiskey (gorgeous brown), Flipside (from the Alice in Wonderland set, a vivid turquoise), Stash (the most perfect shade of gold, this is probably my favourite) and Ransom (amazing purple/blue/metallicy shade).
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  1. I have totally contemplated buying that set of liners... but there are so many of them, what would I do with them all?! lol who am I kidding, I am sure I would figure it out! :)

    Love Ransom! What a pretty purple! xox<3

  2. ive been having the same problem, i really want to get the anniversary eyeliner set and the eye shadow palette but it is just so expensive :s


  3. Hi there!
    After reading your post, I am actually considering purchasing this special collection set, since Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners are my fave out there and I only own three of them at the moment...
    I wanted to tell you that your pictures in this post look amazing, thaks very much for sharing them with us,
    Love from a new follower here,

  4. @Christina - I know, I was thinking the same thing!

    @MissMathful - I think that's why they haven't sold out yet because of the price. Some of the sets on eBay have already sold for more than RRP, how odd?!

    @Catanya - Hello! The liner set might be a good investment as they work out at about £4 each which isn't bad! Thanks so much and thanks for following :) x

  5. I've not actually tried any UD pencils yet, but have been tempted to buy one their sets. Your swatches are great, Whiskey and Stash both look lovely!

  6. @Nat - I'd definitely try them and thanks :)


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