3 of my Favourite Limited Edition MAC products

Thursday 16 February 2012


Whenever MAC release a new collection, there is always a fantastic buzz and the subsequent flurry of blog posts and Twitter chat. I love seeing the new collections as much as the next person does, but for this post, I thought I'd take a step back and reflect on 3 of my favourite limited edition MAC products from collections past.

(1) MAC Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo - When the Wonder Woman collection was released last year, I literally went mad for this blush. It's such a gorgeous peachy coral with a hint of shimmer on the big side, with a strong deep pink featuring in the teeny part. This colour can be applied lightly for a soft flush (which is usually how I wear it) or a little heavier for a night out, and I reach for it quite a lot. As you can see, it's also literally double the size of a standard MAC blush and the packaging is incredible! (2) MAC Eversun Blush - This came out in 2008 originally for the Beauty Powder Collection, but was later repackaged in a fancy gold design for the Style Warriors Collection. It's my favourite blush for wearing in the summer because it suits my tan and makes me look really healthy and glowing. (3) MAC Nail Lacquer in Formidable (NOTD) - One of my favourite shades in my whole nail polish collection was from MAC's Venomous Villains Collection. It looks so different in many lights and is incredibly pretty on.

What are your favourite pieces from past MAC collections?

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  1. Lady Gaga's lipsticks are my all-time favourites! :) X


  2. Love these!
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  3. EVERSUN!! I love that blush-I have the Warrior packaging. One of the best blushes by MAC ever!

  4. I've not bought any MAC for ages! I love their eyeliners (and lipsticks) x

    1. I love their liners too, some of the best I've tried x

  5. I generally don't do limited edition but the new Mac watch me shimmer lipstick has me. I might buy not sure yet.


  6. I'm so jealous, I could literally kick myself for missing out on the Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo :(


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