Tried & Tested: Eucerin Dry Scalp Relief Shampoo

Thursday 15 March 2012


I've mentioned a few times on this blog the minor problems I've had with eczema and dry skin, but I don't think I've ever done a post on having a dry scalp. I guess it's something that isn't talked about much in general, even though it's quite a common condition. Like my eczema, I get flare ups of having a particularly dry and itchy scalp every now and again, and it's often exasperated by cold weather. I have to be quite careful when it comes to picking out shampoos to use because I find that most of the mainstream highstreet brands are packed full of certain chemicals that upset my scalp. I have tried pretty much all of the speicalised medicated shampoos on the market including prescription ones, but the one that has worked best for me has definitely been Eucerin's Dry Scalp Relief Shampoo.

I have gotten through about three bottles of this since Winter began last year and wanted to do a quick review of it in case anyone else has the same problem and was looking for a suitable product to try out. Eucerin's Dry Scalp Shampoo has 5% Urea in it which is its key ingredient in moisturizing the scalp, whilst the chemical Polidocanol soothes and helps to stop the itchiness. It's fragrance free, lathers well and delivers a good cleansing of the scalp, without leaving it dry. I find that it's best to wash twice with this, rinsing in between, so you'll end up using a lot more product than you'd expect. It does the job of stopping any itchiness for a day and I found my scalp to be a lot happier in that it was feeling a lot less dry and angry! Only downside with this shampoo is that it made the lengths and particularly the ends of my hair very dry. Not too much of an issue for me as I use hair oils on those parts often enough, but if I used a light conditioner like Lush's American Cream, then my hair would feel dry by the end of the day, so you'd probably need something much more heavy duty if you were using this on a regular basis.

Summary: I'd recommend this shampoo to anyone who is plagued occasionally by a bothersome, dry, itchy scalp and wants a product to ease it back to a state of normalness again. I'm not sure how this would work on more serious cases of dry skin like psoriasis etc, as mine seems to be more flare up/seasonal based, but judging from other reviews online it seems like it does the job quite well.
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  1. The pediatrician recommended this to my wrestling sons for their dry skin...thanks for your review!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. no probs! thanks for reading & following :) x


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