Amarya Organic/Natural Beauty Box - May

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Today has been one of 'those' days.  You know the kind, where everything seems to go wrong and then you get splashed by a huge lorry whilst waiting for your lift home? Yep! Luckily, after drying off and getting changed into a warm fluffy dressing gown, my mood started to brighten a bit when I saw that my Amarya box had been delivered.  This month's box contains:-
  • an amazing full size Terre d'Oc Gloss Sublime Shine Lip Gloss in 303 Peche Panji.  Gorgeous shade with plenty of shimmer and it's 100% natural too. Retails for £14.95.
  • another full size product included is the Lavera All Round Cream, which as the name suggests can be used as a multi-purpose cream.  I'm currently using the Lavera hand cream from the same range and really love the smell of that, so I expect I'll enjoy using this.  Retails for £6.95.
  • 5ml sample pump of AD Skin Synergy Nourish Night Treatment Face Oil.  Although it's anti-aging, I might give this a go as I love trying out oils and it smells lovely.
  • 1ml sample of Tous H2O Eau De Toilette, a summery light floral fragrance with organic lavender and lemon.  A percentage of the sales of this go towards Oxford to help fund safe drinking water projects.  My sister has already pinched this from me as perfumes aren't my thing, and she says she likes it!
Have you received an Amarya box today?

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  1. I love mine! I got a different gloss shade, such a great value box x

  2. It happened.. I caved! lol everything looks great :) hopefully I get mine tomorrow.

  3. I love love loved this months box! I got the lip gloss in a clear "beaute du monde" colour and have had so many compliments on it already! xxx

  4. Oh I hope that your day got better int he end!

  5. This looks like a great box! Hope your day turned round!



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