Review: Japonesque Brush Set Touch Up Tube in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tuesday 2 October 2012

 Japonesque Brush Set Touch Up Tube in Pink (£16.95, link)*

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the time of the year when lots of brands release special 'pink' products to show their support for this good cause.  Japonesque have released several pink products, one of which is a pink version of their Touch Up Tube.

The Japonesque Touch Up Tube is a slim metallic pink tube which holds a set of 5 travel size brushes (I say travel size but when you're using them they don't feel like standard travel sizes due to the slightly longer handles, so they're very easy to use!). 

These are (from L-R):-

Small Eye Detailer Brush - This one's good for touching up brows and for adding a little definition into the crease if you're taking your make-up from a day to night look.

Foundation Brush - I know what you're thinking, this is the tiniest foundation brush in the world but it's not too bad when you remember that it's just meant to be used for touch ups.  I found this handy for reapplying foundation around the nose area, especially if you have a cold!  Though strictly speaking, I've mainly been using it as a concealer brush where it works especially well with liquid formulas.

Lip Brush - The shape of this is definitely on the small size, but as a touch up tool it's again ideal for that purpose and would also be useful for reappyling gel eyeliners.

Eye Detailer Brush - Good for touching up your eyeshadow and blends everything perfectly.

Powder/Blush Brush - I wasn't too impressed with this one.  It feels a little on the scratchy side and it's far too small for blusher IMO.  Saying that, you can use it with loose powder to dab onto the t-zone but I don't think it would work as well with any kind of pressed powder.

Summary: The brushes are all synthetic and the overall quality is really good, but I would say that the blush/powder brush lets this set down a bit and is the only one I've experienced some shedding issues with.  All in all, it's still a handy little set to pop in your bag when you're out and about, plus £1 of the RRP goes to Breast Cancer Awareness Research.  To see the full range of Japonesque pink editions, visit

Do you have a travel brush set like this in your bag?  Will you be purchasing any special pink products for Breast Cancer Awareness month?

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  1. the tube looks beautiful - review on the brushes soonish please xxx

    1. Woops - I didn't realise that my phone hadn't published the whole review properly! You should be able to see it now :) xxx

  2. I'm dying to try japonesque brushes... What a lovely set, I don't have any brushes travel kit. X

    1. It's a very handy set for travelling, mine's been permanently in my bag since I received it :) x

  3. Oh it's so cute! I love the pink tube they come in, very pretty.


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