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Monday 18 November 2013

Ria from NatuRia Beauty (and the lovely lady responsible for sprucing up my new blog design) tagged me for this one.  I liked the questions asked, so here it is!

1.  On my nightstand you'll find: at least one book, my iPhone on charge, a glass of water, my glasses, a notepad and pen, a mini NEOM candle and pillow spray, at least one lip balm, a tube of hand cream, tea tree oil, foot cream and some kind of multi-purpose balm.  I wrote a 'What's On My Bedside Table' post last year that needs a bit of an update!

2.  The literary character I'm most like is: (take this quiz and share your answer) Hermione from Harry Potter.

3.  I'm currently obsessed with: Crazy Rumors Amaretto Lip Balm, making soups from scratch, and the Hot Spiced Apple drink from Costa.

4.  My favourite superhero is: Batman!

5.  Favourite beauty product of 2013: just one?!  Possibly Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum.  

6.  If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be: George Orwell.  I'd love to ask him questions about the Spanish Civil War. 

7.  Winter is coming - how do you prep your skin for battle?  I totally have this one covered!  Check out my 'Cold Weather Proofing The Beauty Routine' post. 

8.  My perfect date night makeup consists of: Winged liner, lots of mascara and nude/neutral lips.

9.  My go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: mineral water - Drink Lots Of It!

10.  My TV boyfriend is: Damon from The Vampire Diaries (I know, I know, how predictable!).

11.  If my evening clutch could only hold one beauty item it would be: A close call between tinted lip balm and concealer.

12.  One beauty tip I would pass on to my real/fictional daughter: Wear SPF everyday if you're going outside.

13.  The most nostalgic item from my childhood:  I have a very old and tatty bear that kinda looks like a polar bear but its brown.  Brings back a lot of good memories because I used to carry it everywhere with me.

14.  My favourite TV show/s of the moment: The Walking Dead, The Originals and Bates Motel.

15.  My favourite quote is: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" - Confucius. 

I'd like to tag anyone who wants to join in.
Leave the link to your answers below so I can have a read!

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  1. Love this tag! Definitely going to do it :) xx

  2. Love this tag!!! OMG I love Damon too he is goregous!!! ;) And Batman is also my favourtie superhero, I love all the movies but especially the ones with Christian Bale (another yum). X

  3. I just did this - :)

  4. Loved reading your answers! I think I need to start watching The Vampire Diaries, everyone seems to love it!

    Ria x

  5. Loved reading all your answers :) I think I definitely need to try that Dr. Organic hair serum now! :) x

  6. I also love all those shows! :D And i did the quiz, my literary character is Juliet :) xx

  7. Loving your answers, currently have this sitting in my drafts folder need to publish :)

  8. Love this tag! A good tinted lip balm is a necessity for my winter makeup, too. And I totally agree with you about the SPF. It's really important in the long run. ;D


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