I Love Fall / Autumn Tag!

Friday 1 November 2013

The lovely Tania from Bow Tied Beauty recently tagged me in the I Love Fall Tag.  I have to admit that I'm definitely more of a summer lover at heart, but there are a couple of things that I do like about Autumn:-

(1)  Favourite Fall Lip Product
Lip balm is always a daily essential for me, but becomes even more so in the A/W months.  I love anything from Burt's Bees, those The Body Shop Lip Butters, and I'm currently obsessed with a new one I've bought recently from Crazy Rumors (more on this coming soon!).  Aside from lip balm, I enjoy all the berry shades that come around every year and will have a post on my favs uploaded soon so keep an eye out for that!

(2)  Favourite Fall Nail Polish
I'm a huge fan of dark/vampy shades for A/W nails so anything like Nails Inc Motcomb Street, Laura Mercier Bare EspressoCiate Wait Until Dark, and Zoya Petra floats my boat.  To contrast those, I do like wearing nudes & neutral shades as well.

(3)  Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink
I rarely seem to visit Starbucks these days, but I am partial to their Hazelnut Hot Chocolates every now and again.

(4)  Favourite Fall Candle
I haven't found a favourite yet, though I really want to try out the new Neom Christmas scents which sound amazing.

(5)  Favourite Fall Scarf or Accessory
I love big scarves, cosy hats and gloves to keep myself warm so all three please!

(6)  Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?
Haunted house (well at least it's inside?!)

(7)  Favourite Halloween movie?
Can't pick one, so I'd say The Lost Boys, Fright Night (the original of course) and The Crow.  If you haven't seen all three of those, then you must!

(8)  Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?
Toffee apples!

(9)  What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Sadly I was a party pooper this year due to having a cold and stayed in.  Booo :(

(10)  What is your favourite thing about Fall?
The leaves changing colour.  There's something very special about seeing nature change so rapidly like that.

What do you love about Fall / Autumn?  
I tag anyone who would like to take part!

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  1. I have also taken part in this tag over on my blog! Im the same, I dont really go to Starbucks either!


  2. toffee apples must be the same as caramel apples? They are amazing.


    1. I think so! Toffee apples here are apples on sticks covered in toffee/hard sugar so I think they're same or at least similar :)

  3. Mm, toffee apples! I love the sound of the Neom candles, have seen a lot of chatter about them recently :) Enjoyed reading your answers xx

  4. Loved reading your answers, i love the change in colour of the leaves too.

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  5. Loved reading your answers :) I keep reading about Crazy Rumours, think I need to see what all the fuss is about :) xx

    1. They are amazing lip balms! I bought the Amaretto flavour and just want to eat it lol. Will have a post on it soon :) xx

  6. Neom Christmas wish is tempting me too :) Xx

    1. I was browsing their site yesterday and the new xmas scents sound amazing, love the frosted glasses they come in too :) xx


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