Xmas Gift Idea: Naked Fake It Gotta Glow Gift Set

Thursday 28 November 2013

If like me, you're desperately longing for some sunshine but haven't got a holiday booked for near future (sob!), then Naked's new Fake It Gotta Glow Gift Set may just be the thing you're after to fake that 'just come back from holiday glow'.

The Fake It Gotta Glow Gift Set contains two full sized products which are brand new to Naked's bodycare line; Glow It Up Self Tan Lotion (150ml) and Dust Me Mineral Shimmer Powder (10g).  The brand have been working on these for the past two years so you could say that I had very high expectations when I tested them out!  Thankfully, it seems like those two years have definitely paid off because I wasn't disappointed at all.

The Glow It Up Self Tan Lotion is perfect for people who like their self tan products to look as natural as possible.  It comes out as a thick, white lotion and then transforms into a healthy (and completely non-orange!) glow on the skin after the development time is over, which is around 4 hours.  Applying it was virtually foolproof with a tanning mitt, and I didn't see any streaks or patches.  The formula is enriched with Shea and Cocoa Butter so it feels much more like a typical body moisturiser than a self tanner, and thoroughly moisturised my skin in the process.  There was also no fake tan smell - instead it's a heady floral scent that comes through the lotion.  It comes in one shade which is Light/Medium, and you can layer the colour if you want a slightly deeper shade.  The overall colour began to fade on me at the 3 days mark which is what I was expecting.
The Dust Me Mineral Shimmer Powder is great for a quick fix and is one to use on your legs, arms and decolletage area.  Like the self-tan lotion, the powder looks natural on the skin to give it a healthy sunkissed glow (swatch above).  It's fragrance-free, finely milled and has just the right amount of shimmer in it (you're not going to look like a disco ball!).   

The Naked Fake It Gotta Glow Gift Set* is priced at £14 and available from nakedbodycare.co.uk and keepmeinspired.co.uk 
All Naked products are 97% natural and free from sulphates and parabens.

Would you buy a gift set like this?

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  1. I tried a similar thing once well , I looked strange.

    1. Maybe wasn't the right shade for you? They can be tricky to get right which is why I like this one - looks so natural :)

  2. I am SO pale at them moment (cries) The Shimmer Powder looks gorgeous. Perfect Christmas Party treat

    1. Definitely - I love the shimmer powder, looks so pretty and natural :)

  3. Ooooh these look quite good, the shimmer powder doesn't look glittery at all and looks really flattering on your skin!


  4. Sounds great and oh my that powder looks brilliant! I like shades like that for all over the face (although I almost never bronze) that's the kind of shade I'd reach for!

  5. Ooh that's a gorgeous giftset! I'd definitely buy it, the shimmer powder looks really pretty and I love how affordable it is too! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie


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