Luxury Xmas Gift Ideas: Jurlique Limited Edition Rose Body Oil and Freshly Picked Rose Essentials Sets

Tuesday 17 December 2013

High-end Australian natural brand, Jurlique, have released a plethora of beautiful gifts for their Christmas range this year.  Featuring festive red and gold packaging, they have something for everyone who loves luxury skincare and bodycare products.

Jurlique Freshly Picked Rose Essentials* (£29)
Have a budget of £30?  Jurlique's Freshly Picked Rose Essentials is absolutely perfect for that person you know who adores rose scents.  Take off the festive wrap around the tube and you'll find a lovely rose print to illustrate the nature of this gift.  Inside the tube you'll find two full sized products; a Rose Hand Cream (125ml) and a Love Balm Rose (15ml).  The Rose Hand Cream smells amazing (the rose scent is delicately fresh and floral, and not powdery in the slightest) and is a personal favourite of mine because it leaves hands unbelievably soft.  It's packaged in a recyclable metal tube and comes in its own presentation box.  Love Balm Rose is a fab multi-purpose balm that you can pop into your handbag and use whenever your lips, cuticles, heels etc are feeling dry, and it's also great for taming flyaways and frizz.  I think this gift set represents great value for money considering that the Rose Hand Cream alone usually retails for £33, so it would be a lovely treat for yourself if you have it on your wishlist!
Jurlique Limited Edition Rose Body Oil* (£54)
For those who want to splurge on something very special this year, the Limited Edition version of Jurlique's bestselling Rose Body Oil represents luxury at its very best.   Usually only available as a 100ml bottle, the Limited Edition offering doubles that amount to 200ml and comes complete with a pump applicator - something that definitely comes in handy when you're dispensing products of this nature.  I love the packaging, and holding that weighty glass bottle makes you realise how high-end this gift truly is.  But it's the body oil itself that I need to sing the praises of.  To put it frankly, it is divine.  Seriously divine, as in it came down from the heavens and was presented to you by an angel, divine.  It's one of the most moisturising body oils I've ever had the pleasure of using, and that rose scent is just gorgeous.  Best of all, I found a little goes a long way, so this substantially sized bottle will be thoroughly enjoyed by its recipient for months to come.

Will you be buying any Jurlique gifts this year?

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  1. Another brand I really want to try. I love rose :)

  2. That body oil definitely is super luxe! What gorgeous packaging too :) I love their rose hand cream, I haven't had mine in a while after I used it all up last year but definitely should replenish my supply soon.

  3. That body oil looks gorgeous!

  4. Looks lovely and design is gorgeous!<3 xx

    1. I think it's the best packaging I've seen this year! xx

  5. These would make amazing gifts, they're packaged so festively. The Rose Body Oil would be perfect for these cold winter days - keep the skin hydrated and soft.
    Jurlique have such beautiful products. I love this brand

    1. Definitely, the Body Oil is so moisturising - fab for dry skin!


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