The Weekend Post: 5 Tips for a Stress Free Sunday

Sunday 29 June 2014

Whilst I'm not religious, I do like to try and view Sundays as a 'day of rest'.  Or rather a day of relaxing before yet another busy week takes over.  Here are my top 5 tips for a Stress Free Sunday.

(1)  Read a book
If you haven't had chance to pick up a book in a while and you want to get back into reading or start to do so, make Sunday your day to do it.  Just set aside some time (try just half an hour if you're giving reading for pleasure a go for the first time), sit down somewhere comfy and get your head stuck into that book.  Looking for recommendations?  Check out my past Book reviews for ideas.

(2)  Try out a new recipe 
I love cooking whenever I can, but perhaps even more so on a Sunday afternoon when things are quieter and more relaxed.  If you're not big on cooking, you could follow a new recipe for a drink (soft or alcoholic, the choice is yours!) instead. 

(3)  Get some fresh air / exercise
I'm rarely in the mood for exercising but I know that when I do make the effort, I feel a million times better.  Walking and running are my two favourite forms, but anything that gets you up and about really helps to clear your mind.

(4) Indulge in a pamper / essential oils
Having some 'me time' is incredibly important and can take shape in lots of different ways.  Indulging in a long pamper session in the bathroom is always a good idea!  But if you're starting to feel conscious for time, simply sitting down next down to a candle or diffuser that has a relaxing blend of essential oils can help you feel calm and collected in a matter of minutes.  Vetiver and Lavender are great for this, but if you want something different and fancy a splurge, Neom's Reed Diffuser in Real Luxury is simply divine and super relaxing.

(5) Go to bed early
It's boring I know, but I always find that when I go to bed a little bit earlier than usual, I feel so much better in the morning after a well rested night of good quality sleep.  Given the fact that Mondays are usually so hectic, getting that extra hour or so in bed on Sunday night makes a massive difference!  

What are your tips for a stress free day?

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  1. All good ideas :')
    I'm on summer break at the minute so these are everyday's for me.
    Going to bed early is my favorite thing tbh
    Jemma | Dreams Of New York

    1. Lucky you Jemma, I miss summer breaks! :( xx

  2. Lovely post! This sounds very similar to my Sundays - I've started to try and have a Sunday bath which is always very relaxing.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. All of these sound perfect for a Sunday! Though the new recipe one would stress me... unless it was easy!! A bath in the day on a Sunday is the best thing ever xx

    1. Ah I always find cooking so relaxing haha! xx

  4. Sunday is my day for trying out new recipes, love having the whole day to just potter in the kitchen :)

  5. I wish I didn't work on Sundays :(
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Oh no! I used to work on Sundays when I was at college and hated it, you have my sympathy! xx


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