The Triple Review: Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Shower Gel, B.Pure Micellar Water & RMK Refreshing Gel

Thursday 21 August 2014

A picture of Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Shower Gel, B.Pure Micellar Water & RMK Refreshing Gel Moisturiser
Ready for a triple whammy of reviewing goodness?  Here are three products that I've been using recently from Organic Surge, B. and RMK.

Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Shower Gel* (250ml, £4.75, link)
If you're looking for a budget friendly SLS free shower gel that'll wake you up in the mornings but isn't overly minty, then Organic Surge's Fresh Ocean offering may be just what you're after.  It's refreshing, zingy, revitalising, and it smells amazing.  It's packed full of Lemon, Rosemary & Lime (plus a smidge of Peppermint for good measure) Essential Oils for a stimulating and awakening shower and, it's 98.9% natural too.  

B. Pure Micellar Water* (150ml, currently half price for £2.47, link)    
I'm still obsessed with micellar waters and use them nearly every day for doing a superficial cleanse with to take off the bulk of my makeup in the evenings.  I've tried a lot and I'm really impressed with this one from B. which removes makeup easily, tones and refreshes the skin wonderfully.  The slim tube makes it ideal for popping into travel bags and best of all it's currently half price in Superdrug, bargain!

RMK Refreshing Gel* (60g, £35, link)
On the higher end of the beauty spectrum I've been enjoying using this new release from Japanese skincare brand, RMK.  Their Refreshing Gel is an intriguing treatment that soothes, hydrates and repairs your skin overnight.  It has a subtle 'fresh' scent to it and a lovely lightweight, non-greasy texture that sinks into your skin almost immediately.  It reminds me a lot of a serum but one that you apply on top of your night cream/oil instead of underneath it.  I love the 'cooling' effect it has when you apply it, and in the morning my skin always feel silky soft and moisturised.

What new products have you been trying lately?

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  1. All the three products sounds very lovely, I wish we have all the brands here in my country. I'm curious with organic surge because they seem to have quite a good range of products. Thanks for the review!


  2. One Love Organics Skin Care and a plethora of stuff from Ilia!


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