4 Makeup Bag Secret Weapons

Friday 16 January 2015

4 Makeup Bag Secret Weapons
I change up the contents of my makeup bag as often as I change my shoes (and that's a lot) but there are some products that will always remain.  Here are four of my makeup bag secret weapons that you may not know about.

Secret Weapon Number 1 - The Eyeshadow Primer
If you want your eyeshadow to stay intact and looking flawless all day / night, you're going to want to invest in a good eyeshadow primer.  I've used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (11ml, £16) for years and it never lets me down.  It stops eyeshadow from creasing and fading, and it also helps colours to look more vibrant and 'pop'.  A makeup bag must have.

Secret Weapon Number 2 - The Fake Lash Fibres
I love the look of big, fluttery eyelashes but I find fake eyelashes painfully fiddly and annoying to apply, plus one always seem to fall off whenever I wear them - not a good look!  Instead I prefer to use Magnifibres Brush On False Lashes (£16.99) which basically does what it says.  You brush this over your regular mascara and it adds extra fibres to thicken up your natural lashes to give a false lash effect.  Genius stuff.

Secret Weapon Number 3 - The Invisible Lip Liner
To stop lipstick from feathering and smudging, lip liner is a must but finding the exact one to match your chosen lipstick for the day or night can be time consuming and it can start to get expensive if you're buying a different shade for each lipstick.  Keep things simple with an invisible / translucent lip liner that you can use with every lipstick instead.  I use The Body Shop Lip Line Fixer (0.35g, £8) which creates an invisible barrier to keep your lips looking perfect, especially with tricky red and dark lipsticks.

Secret Weapon Number 4 - The Frizz Tamer Wand
One of the most practical hair products to come to the shops in the last year or so has to be the handbag friendly, frizz tamer wand.  This travel size tube fits into most clutches and purses for nights out and can be used wherever and whenever to tackle frizz and flyaways.  John Frieda Full Repair Touch Up Flyaway Tamer* (14ml, £10.99) smoothes out even the most rebellious hair so you can keep your do looking sleek and tidy without it becoming sticky or looking greasy.

What are your makeup bag secret weapons?

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  1. The lash fibres sound really good, definitely need to try this!

    1. They're well worth trying out if you don't like traditional stick on fake lashes :)

  2. Oh I love that John Frieda hair tamer - we've had it in Australia for the last two years or so and it's absolutely one of my secret weapons!

    Michaela // Where is my mind?

  3. Great post and round-up, love the pic! :) x


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