Organic September: Inika Mineral Foundation & Mineral Blusher Puff Pot in Pink Pinch review + GWP Offer

Thursday 10 September 2015

Inika foundation and blusher
Heads up green beauty lovers - Inika have a fantastic GWP offer available all throughout September so if you're a fan of mineral makeup, you'll want to check this out!

Inika foundation
Inika's Mineral Foundation* has been a staple in my makeup bag for a very long time and I've mentioned my love for the brand numerous times on here. They have great ethics with everything being cruelty-free, organic and the vast majority of their products are also Vegan Society certified. What draws me to a lot of their makeup is the fact that Inika don't use talc, mineral oils, fragrances, fillers, parabens or GM ingredients in their products. I find that my skin can sometimes breakout with foundations or powders that have talc in them, so it's great to come across a company that doesn't use this potentially pore-clogging ingredient.

The Mineral Foundation comes in 8 shades (my shade is Nurture and I can also use Patience in the summer months or when I have fake tan on) and has the added benefit of SPF 15 which I always appreciate in my face products. The 100% natural formula gives light-medium coverage (it's definitely buildable) and provides a lovely, natural, 'your skin but better' finish as I find it evens everything out nicely. It stays put for most of the day and is the perfect base for applying other mineral based products on top of.
Inika blusher
Inika blusher
Inika blusher
Throughout September, if you purchase an Inika Mineral Foundation, you can choose a Mineral Blusher Puff Pot* for free! I've tried their regular mineral blushers (which are amazing, check out a previous review here) but this is the first time I've used one of these Mineral Blusher Puff Pots

There are two shades to choose from and I have the colour 'Pink Pinch' which is a lovely medium pink with a tiny hint of shimmer.  It looks very natural on and comes out through a soft, in-built puff for quick and easy application. This is perfect for anyone who wants to try a mineral blusher but doesn't want the mess or spillage that can sometimes come with using them. That said, if you don't fancy using the puff, you can unscrew it to access the mineral blusher underneath and use it with a brush if preferred. I think these are great for makeup bags as they're quite small and conveniently packaged, so they're ideal for travelling with too.

P.S I've managed to wash the puff in case anyone's wondering - you can't remove it entirely, but if you hold it upside down and at an angle, you can rinse it under a tap with your regular brush cleanser without any water getting into the pot. Just be careful with it, don't completely soak it and make sure that you allow it to dry fully before using it again.

To take advantage of this GWP offer, simply purchase a Mineral Foundation (£27.50) and select your free Mineral Blusher Puff Pot (worth £17) from the pop up screen - simples! Visit

Are you a fan of Inika?

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  1. I need to try some Inika products!

    Emily x

  2. This is such a great GWP. I have one of their bronzers and love it x

    1. I've got their Sunkissed Bronzer and use it all the time, they're great :) x


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