The DIY Blow-Dry Duo: KMS California TameFrizz Smoothing Reconstructor & Freeshape Shaping Blow Dry review

Thursday 28 April 2016

KMS California TameFrizz Smoothing Reconstructor & Freeshape Shaping Blow Dry review
Want big, bouncy hair on a regular basis, but don't want to pay for the expense of getting a blow-dry done at the hair salon every week or simply don't have the extra time on your hands to do so? Check out these two styling newbies from KMS California who are soon to become your hair's BFFs.

I'm definitely a DIY blow-dry at home kinda girl. My budget for beauty is limited and I already have more than enough going out of my bank account each month, so anything that I can try and master at home, I will do! With this in mind, I'm happy to invest in a few styling products to give me a helping hand, as they work out much cheaper cost per usage wise, than even one single visit to the hairdressers costs. I've had a lot of success with KMS California products in the past (previous reviews here), so when they released these two new hair styling products last month I was really excited to try them out - and they are seriously good.
KMS California TameFrizz Smoothing Reconstructor & Freeshape Shaping Blow Dry review
KMS California TameFrizz Smoothing Reconstructor* (200ml, £18.50, link)
Prepping hair correctly for a blow-dry is an important step when it comes to doing it yourself at home, and it's something that I've seen my own hairdresser do every time I see her. This new TameFrizz Smoothing Reconstructor is an awesome multi-tasking hair treatment that preps hair by acting like a primer, conditioner and de-frizzer all in one. You use it as you would any hair mask - simply shampoo as usual, squeeze out excess water and apply for 3-5 minutes before rinsing, so it won't add any extra time to your styling session. It leaves hair feeling stronger, softer, detangled and virtually free from frizz, without it being weighed down, so it's in the right condition ready for the actual blow dry.

KMS California Freeshape Shaping Blow Dry* (200ml, £18, link)
I'm always sceptical of hair styling products that promise to provide results up to 3 days, but this Freeshape Shaping Blow Dry Spray almost lives up to its claims - almost anyway! Spritz this into towel-dried hair before your blow-dry and it'll protect your hair from heat damage, plus it'll add some volume, shine and allow your hair to have flexible body too (without any stickiness). It says that it'll keep your hairstyle intact and frizz free for up to 3 days, but I was only able to get 2 days worth out of it before my hair started to fall flat again. That said, I do have quite fine hair that's naturally dry and prone to frizz anyway, so the fact that it helped me out for 2 days is still pretty impressive and noteworthy in my book. I've tried this on its own and in conjunction with the Reconstructor above, and I definitely noticed that my hair was smoother and bouncier when I used both, although it does provide good results solo too.

What are your favourite blow-drying products?

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  1. I've never heard or come across this brand before but these products sound so luxurious! I'd love to try them out and smooth reconstructor would be a must have of mine! xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + House of Fraser Giveaway

    1. They're really good! I have lots of reviews of their products here as they're one of my favourite styling brands:- xx


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