Green Beauty: HAND (Have A Nice Day) Facial Serum, Body Milk & Body Cream review

Friday 17 June 2016

HAND (Have A Nice Day) Facial Serum, Body Milk & Body Cream review
One of my favourite things about being a beauty blogger is being able to talk directly to the people behind the brands and watching their vision grow. HAND are one such brand who have recently added new products to their range and are now available here in the UK! 

I was first introduced to the organic and cruelty-free Italian/USA brand HAND (which stands for Have A Nice Day), by their creator Luigi Zelano whose passion for his products clearly shone through in his emails. I tried out a couple of them last year (reviewed here) and I was particularly impressed by their soaps, shower gels and body moisturisers.

Last month, I received an email from Lugi saying that HAND were not only releasing some new products, but that he had managed to find an online stockist in the UK in the shape of LoveLula so that more people could try the brand - yay! Needless to say, I was keen to try out the new stuff which include two new body products and a face serum.
HAND Body Milk* (200ml, £14, link)
If you prefer your summer body lotions to be light, uplifting and wonderfully fresh, HAND's Body Milk will be perfect for you. It's packed full of skin nourishing ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Shea Butter, but it doesn't feel heavy or greasy/sticky. It's also infused with lots of citrus essential oils to give it a subtle and zingy scent that always puts me in a good mood.

HAND Body Cream* (200ml, £14, link)
This Body Cream is slightly thicker and richer than the above Body Milk so it's ideal for dry skin and for those of us who enjoy self-tanning. This one's formulated with vegetable based Glycerine, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil to name a few and has a fresh and almost floral based scent. Like the Body Milk, it's also absorbed easily and feels very nourishing.

HAND Facial Serum* (30ml, £24, link)
Having tried out several of the bodycare products, this Facial Serum is the first skincare item I've used from HAND and I'm definitely impressed with it. Suitable for all skin types, this serum is targeted towards those who are looking for extra anti-aging benefits (aren't we all though?!). It has a base of Aloe Vera Gel which gives it a slightly runny consistency, but my drink quickly drinks it up. Very soothing, hydrating and it gives a subtle temporary tightening effect that I liked - a good one to try for the summer months ahead if you're looking for a new natural and organic face serum.

Shop the HAND range in the UK via

Have you tried anything from HAND?

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