Skincare Shake Up with Superdrug Simply Pure, Pai, Caudalie and Gallinée

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Skincare Shake Up with Superdrug Simply Pure, Pai, Caudalie and Gallinée
As we move into the (hopefully!) warm throes of summer, I've altered some steps of my skincare routine to include these new products that I've been testing out recently.

Shake Up 1: Superdrug Simply Pure Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover* (150ml, £2.69, link)
If you suffer from hayfever like I do, you'll either not be wearing any mascara at all this season or you'll be reaching for your waterproof favourites. These hardcore mascara formulas need a dedicated eye makeup remover to get them off at the end of the day if you don't want to smear black streaks all over your flannels. I've been enjoying using this budget friendly one from Superdrug's Simply Pure range which is super gentle on my sensitive eyes and feels like water. It's not as 'pure' or natural as the name suggests, but it is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, parabens free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, and best of all, it gets the job done.

Shake Up 2: Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser* (50ml, £14, link)
My skin can get quite sensitive when the weather starts to warm up, so I like to use a more gentle based cleanser, especially in the evenings. I'm a big fan of Pai and love their organic Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser that helps to soothe any irritation or inflammation, and also re-hydrates the skin which is exactly what I want if I've been out in the sun a little longer than I should have been. This 50ml bottle is a perfect size for travelling with too.

Shake Up 3: Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet* (40ml, £21.85, link)
There was a lot of buzz around this when it was first launched earlier this year, and having tried it out for the past month, I can now see what all the fuss was about! This is a gorgeous gel-cream style moisturiser that has such a lovely light texture which is easily absorbed, but still feels hydrating and calming at the same time. It's the ideal morning moisturiser to use during the summer months or all year round if you have sensitive skin, and it has a pleasant subtle fruity scent. Works particularly well in conjunction with the Pai cleanser above.

Shake Up 4: Gallinée La Culture Hydrating Face Cream* (30ml, £35, link)  
I've been impressed with other products from this luxury French brand (their cleanser and hand cream are a pampering pleasure to use) and I'm happy to say that I've been liking this Hydrating Face Cream too, even though it is a little rich for my oily/combo skin to use everyday. However, I can use it sparingly as a night cream, and my skin has been drinking it up. It's 98% natural and features a unique triple complex of prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid to give you healthier looking skin. Dry skin types will love this thick, rich face cream even more.

Have you changed around any of your skincare routine recently?

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