Summer Holidays: Get Beach Ready Feet with Superdrug

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Summer Holidays: Beach Ready Feet with Superdrug
Our feet are often the last thing that we think about when we're getting ready to go on holiday, so give yours some TLC this Summer with these budget-friendly treats from Superdrug.

Summer has been rather intermittent in the UK again this year, but when the sun does decide to come out to play, I'm all out digging out the flip flops and enjoying the weather whilst I can! I will enlist a few 'helpers' though to get my feet looking 'presentable' as those new sandals aren't going to flaunt themselves.
Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream review
To keep my feet smooth and soft, I like to slather on a dedicated foot moisturiser or a really hydrating body cream all over them before going to bed. If you only really care about your feet during the summer months when they're out in the open and on show, opt for a body cream and then at least you've got a multi-purpose moisturiser in your beauty stash! I've been using Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream* (475ml, £2.99, link) which comes in a huge tub that seems to last forever and is cheap as chips. It offers 12-hour moisturisation, sinks in quickly and smells lovely and fresh.

To up the hydration factor or if you have very dry feet, you could pop on some socks over the cream to lock it in even further overnight.
Summer Holidays: Beach Ready Feet with Superdrug
If you have any rough, extra dry patches, or just want to properly prep your toes for a DIY pedicure at home, grab yourself a Pebbles Wooden Foot File with Pumice* (£2.99, link). This handy double sided tool features a slab of pumice on one side for buffing away rough, hard skin, and has a nailbrush with natural bristles on the other side to thoroughly cleanse away any dirt under the nails and gently exfoliate cuticles. Easy!

Or if you'd rather just keep your feet firmly under wraps, treat yourself to a pair of new tropical themed socks such as these super cute watermelon ones from Superdrug* (£2.99, 1 pair, link).

Are your feet enjoying the sun?

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