Mid-Week Pamper Treat: Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration & Radiance Masque review

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration & Radiance Masque review
This week's Pamper Treat is a seriously luxe affair as it features a high-end face mask that contains truffles, champagne, silk and gold - intrigued? I've been testing out Temple Spa's Trufflesque Ultra Hydration & Radiance Masque for the past month to see if it's really worth the hype.
Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration & Radiance Masque review
What is it and what does it claim to do?
The Trufflesque Masque is the latest addition to Temple Spa's award-winning, anti-aging Premium Truffle Skincare Collection. As the luxury spa brand is based around pampering and spoiling yourself, it made perfect sense for them to release a face mask into this range, and I was eager to try it out as I've seen a couple of raves from other bloggers who love Temple Spa's Truffle products.

Trufflesque promises "to help create an appearance of instant youthfulness, with plumper and more lifted skin that's super hydrated and silky smooth". It contains some interesting key ingredients such as:-

  • Black Truffles (a natural antioxidant to brighten skin tone)
  • Champagne Extract (gently exfoliates and regenerates)
  • Syn-col (a trademarked complex of collagen boosting peptides to treat fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Micronised Precious Gems (diamonds, rose quartz and sapphires to illuminate)
  • Gold & Silk Actives (to fight free radicals and protect against skin stress)
  • Happybelle-PE (a trademarked endorphin complex which gives a 'good news' glow to the skin)
  • Kombucha (enhances skin smoothness and radiance)
  • Strawberry Fruit Extract (tones and purifies)

The masque is an amazing gold colour, and it's insanely shimmery! I had a closer look at the ingredients and found that it contains a lot of Mica (it's fifth on the list) which explains all this bling. It's also heavily fragranced (again Parfum is about half way up in the ingredients) with a classic spa-like scent, so it's not something that I would recommend to those who have sensitive skin as this may be too much for you. Do a patch test first if you fancy trying it.
Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration & Radiance Masque review
How do I use it?
After cleansing, simply apply a generous layer over your face and neck (avoiding the eye area). The masque comes with a little brush which works brilliantly as you can just 'paint' it directly onto your face, without getting it all over your hands - it's quite difficult to spread evenly if you try to use your fingers. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and then massage it in. Temple Spa have a dedicated Facial Ritual online which you can watch here for guidance on how to use it. After that's done, you can leave it on for another 2-3 minutes before removing it was a warm face flannel or muslin cloth. Recommended to use as a weekly treatment.

What does it feel like on?
At first, there was a slight cooling effect, but this quickly disappeared after a minute or so. From the anti-aging/lifting claims for the masque, I was expecting it to feel like it would tighten at some point, however it didn't. It felt sticky to the touch and didn't fully set towards the end of the application time, which made removing it a little messy. 
Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration & Radiance Masque review
Results and overall thoughts?
When I removed the Trufflesque Masque with a warm flannel, I saw a slight difference in how much brighter my skin looked, but no real changes in how firm or lifted it was overall. However, the biggest positive difference for me was in hydration and smoothness - my skin was left feeling incredibly soft and smooth like silk, and it was also thoroughly hydrated and plumped up.

Due to the pricetag, this is the kind of face mask that I'd tend to reserve for special occasions only, but it's a lovely, luxury, pampering hydration skin treat to use during the cold winter months, and it helps to re-balance and restore the skin's moisture levels within a mere 20 minutes. I'm not sure that I would repurchase it for myself, but it's something that I'd love to receive as a gift if you know what I mean?!

Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration & Radiance Masque* (75ml, £50) is available from Harrods and online from templespa.com

Have you tried any Temple Spa products?

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