March Empties: Products I've Used Up

Sunday 2 April 2017

March Empties: Products I've Used Up
Time caught up with me during March and I didn't finish nearly as many products as I'd hoped to, but I'm still pretty pleased with what I did manage to use up! Here are my recent Empties.

Original Source Shower Gel in Pink Grapefruit
For every luxury pampering product that there is in my bathroom, there will be at least two other budget friendly options on hand as I like to mix and match what I use, which keeps my student bank balance in check somewhat! The Original Source Shower Gels are one of my all time budget faves as you can always find these on offer for £1 somewhere, and the scents are amazing. It's also one of the few SLS based shower gels that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin for some reason, so I always stock up on them. Pink Grapefruit is a flavour I've used many times before because it's a fresh, summery, juicy/fruity scent that always cheers me up! Repurchase? Yes.

Angela Langford Balancing Act Daily Moisturiser*
This has been a lovely morning moisturiser from Angela Langford, whose skincare range I first discovered some time last year. It's specially formulated for combination skin, so it feels light and hydrating where it needs to be, and it helps to balance out the oilier areas like the t-zone without being stripping or mattifying. Repurchase? Whilst I do like this a lot, there are other moisturisers that I love more, so I probably wouldn't repurchase it again unless I spotted it on offer.
March Empties: Products I've Used Up
Therapie Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence
I absolutely adore everything that I've tried from Therapie so far and this Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence is pure heaven in a bottle. It smells just incredible (thanks to lots of essential oils like Fragonia, Persian Rose, Sandalwood, Lavender, Jasmine etc) and really helps you to unwind after a stressful or busy day. If I've been feeling particularly anxious about something, I'll treat myself to a relaxing bath with two capfuls of this in it, and I'll instantly feel better. It's expensive, but totally worth it IMO. Repurchase? I'm already saving up for the full-size bottle!

Nourish Kale Biometric Anti-Ageing Eye Cream
It's rare for me to repurchase eye creams as I'm constantly looking for 'that next best thing', so it goes to show how much I love this product as this is the third tube that I've gone through. I mainly use this as my morning eye cream as it's quite light and absorbs quickly so I can get on with applying my concealer straight away. I really like the slim compact packaging too. Repurchase? I have a bunch of eye creams to get through at the moment, but I'll definitely buy it again in the future.   

Abel Organics Vintage 13 Eau de Parfum
I finally finished up a perfume! It takes me forever to use up a bottle so that's quite an achievement for me! I'm very sad to see this one go though as it was a present from my sister, and I've been unable to find anything that smells remotely similar to it. It's a very unique, unisex, earthy/musky fragrance, that's all natural, 100% organic and has notes of Bergamot, Black Pepper, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Vetiver. Repurchase? It's definitely something that I'd love to receive as a gift again, but it's far too expensive for me to repurchase at the moment!

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream*
I absolutely love this stuff. I had a couple of these sachet samples left over from a goody bag last year and I promised myself that I wouldn't buy a tub of it until I'd used up all of those first - which I've now done! If you have dry or eczema-prone skin, this is a must-try as it's made from just a handful of natural ingredients and it does a fantastic job of hydrating and soothing any skin irritation/problem. Repurchase? Yes

What beauty products have you used up recently?

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  1. The Original Source shower gel sounds fab, I love zingy citrussy scents to wake me up in the shower! ♥

  2. I bet you are sad to use up that perfume! There are new perfumes which I love the look of at Love Lula. x

    1. I was almost in tears lol! Ooo I shall have to check those out x


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