Currently Loving: Walden Natural Perfumes - Castles In The Air & A Little Star Dust Eau de Parfums review

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Walden Natural Perfumes - Castles In The Air & A Little Star Dust Eau de Parfums review
Walden Natural Perfumes are possibly one of my favourite beauty launches of the year so far, and these two scents, in particular, have become my go-to fragrances for Spring and Summer.

I love it when a new brand emerges and gets everything right straight off the mark. From the name (this brand is named after Henry David Thoreau's classic book, 'Walden'), to the beautifully chic packaging with dark wooden tops, and the delightful names of the perfumes themselves (which are phrases that Thoreau himself mentioned in the book), Walden have done an excellent job here to appeal to both green beauty fans and fine fragrance lovers alike.

These new 100% natural Eau de Parfums use only the finest natural absolutes and essential oils, so they're naturally free from ingredients such as parabens, artificial fragrances and mineral oils that you can often find in mainstream perfumes. They're handmade in small batches and have a really luxurious feel about them. The Walden perfume range currently has five fragrances within its collection, and I've had the great pleasure of experiencing all of the scents for LoveLula, where the brand is exclusively stocked.

Below are my two favourite Walden Natural Perfumes; Castles In The Air and A Little Star Dust, but trust me when I say that they are all incredible. Both of these perfumes lasted longer on me that I imagined they would, as I've tried a lot of natural fragrances that seem to disappear after an hour, so if you're in the market for a new perfume, these are well worth a try.
Walden Natural Perfumes - Castles In The Air Eau de Parfum review
 Walden Natural Perfumes - Castles In The Air* (50ml, £40, link)

Castles In The Air is described as a 'fresh, intoxicating blend of Citrus and with a hint of Tropical Flowers and Lavender' which sums up this fragrance perfectly. 

A quick spritz on the wrists releases an immediate fresh and Spring-like scent with key notes of Bergamot, Lemon, and Mandarin, on a calming base of Lavender and Rosemary. Castles In The Air has such a relaxing effect on my mind and helps to put me in a good mood for rest of the day which is probably why I love it so much! It's also completely different to anything that's currently in my perfume collection and it just smells divine.
Walden Natural Perfumes - A Little Star Dust Eau de Parfum review
Walden Natural Perfumes - A Little Star-Dust* (50ml, £40, link)

A Little Star-Dust has been receiving a lot of love from the green beauty world since it launched and it was a finalist for the Best Natural Beauty Product in this year's Natural and Organic Awards Europe which is a really impressive feat for a new brand to achieve. It's described as a 'sumptuous bouquet of Ylang Ylang, Iris and Jasmine enriched with hints of creamy Amyris and exotic Tonka Bean.' 

This is a fragrance that would work equally well for daywear as it would for something that you could use for an evening dinner out or a date night with your partner. It's a very strong and feminine scent with a heady aroma of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine at first, but it soon settles down into a more exotic and sophisticated fragrance overall.

Walden Natural Perfumes are exclusive to

What kind of fragrances do you like to wear?

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  1. I love these too, I have A Little stardust but also really liked Castles in the Sky and Two Eternities! Such a great launch and seriously lovely packaging :) Xx

    1. They are amazing aren't they? Definitely one of the best beauty launches I've seen this year! xx

  2. I'm so interested in these perfumes! Do you know how could we get them outside of UK, since Lovelula is not shipping perfumes overseas?

    1. They're exclusive to LoveLula I'm afraid so you can't get them anywhere else :( Unfortunately shipping restrictions mean UK stockists can't send perfumes or nail polish overseas which is such a shame as I've had a number of emails from my European readers about the Walden fragrances! x


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