Foodie Friday: The Vegan Kind Box - June 2017 review #TVK44

Friday 9 June 2017

The Vegan Kind Box - June 2017 review #TVK44
After such a crazy week in the UK, I was happy to get my hands on this month's The Vegan Kind box which arrived a couple of days ago. It's a good 'un!

June's The Vegan Kind box contains six products, five of which are food and drink, and one that's a home/lifestyle item. I always love the interesting mix of treats that you get in these boxes and if you fancy checking out my past reviews of TVK, just click here.

So then, let's jump into this month's box shall we?
Harper's Candles The Great British Summer Kind Candle
 Harper's Candles The Great British Summer Kind Candle (RRP £5)

I love these tin candles from Harper's Candles, and was thrilled to receive another limited edition scent that they have created just for TVK subscribers. This one's called The Great British Summer Kind and it smells so lovely and fresh with a clean, cut grass and slightly floral scent. Made from 100% soy wax, these candles have an impressive scent throw for their size and I can't wait to use it.
Goupie Salted Sticky Toffee
 Goupie Salted Sticky Toffee (80g, RRP £2.50)

Anyone who knows me will know that I adore anything that's a salted caramel flavour, so I was curious to try this Salty Sticky Toffee from Goupie. Hand-made in Kent to a 50-year-old family recipe, these triangular pieces of heaven are completely different to what I imagined them to be as they're soft, a little chewy, a little crunchy and covered in dark chocolate with a good sprinkling of Maldon Sea Salt. Super moreish, it's hard not to eat more than one piece at a time!  

 Metcalfe's Sweet 'n' Salt Skinny Popcorn
 Metcalfe's Sweet 'n' Salt Skinny Popcorn (25g, RRP £0.85)

Now this is a familiar snack in my household as I regularly buy bags of Metcalfe popcorn as a healthier snack alternative to crisps. Sweet 'n' Salt is my favourite flavour that they do because you get the best of both worlds - sweet and salty of course! These smaller bags are great for portion control and are only 115 calories per bag.
Bounce VLife High Protein Energy Ball in Almond Kale
 Bounce VLife High Protein Energy Ball in Almond Kale (40g, RRP £1.79)

Bounce balls are perfect to have in your bag for a post-gym/post workout snack and this is one of their new vegan-friendly flavours, Almond Kale. It contains 9g of plant based protein, is gluten-free and high in fibre, so it's an ideal nutrient-dense snack to help keep your energy levels up during a busy day. This flavour is really good and I'd definitely buy it again - though I'm likely to wait until it's on offer in Holland & Barrett as you can usually pick these up for half price or in the penny sale.
Chewsy Chewing Gum in Lemon
 Chewsy Chewing Gum in Lemon (18g, RRP £1.49)

I've never tried a lemon flavoured chewing gum before, but these are actually quite nice and refreshing! The flavour doesn't last very long though, but I do like the fact that they're 100% natural and sugar free. Curious to see what the minty flavours are like.
Sunsoul Raspberry & Elderflower 100% Natural Energy Drink
Sunsoul Raspberry & Elderflower 100% Natural Energy Drink (250ml, £1.30)

I haven't heard of this brand before, but Sunsoul make 100% natural energy drinks and as someone who quit drinking Redbull years ago, these definitely appeal to me. I received the Raspberry & Elderflower flavour which was absolutely delicious - really fruity and it definitely gave me a boost when I stayed up to watch the election results last night!

Also in the box was this month's recipe card for some yummy looking Pizza Bun Swirls, and June's chosen charity is Hart Wildlife Rescue, who provide a rescue, treatment and rehabilitation service for local wildlife in the North East Hampshire area.

To find out more about The Vegan Kind, visit their website here. £10 + p&p each month in the UK, with worldwide shipping options available.

Have you signed up to The Vegan Kind?
What's your favourite, non-beauty lifestyle subscription box?

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