Summer Haircare: Aveda Suncare Protective Hair Veil & After Sun Masque review

Friday 23 June 2017

Aveda Suncare Protective Hair Veil & After Sun Masque review
We all know about the effects of the sun's rays on our skin, but what about on our hair? If your locks are feeling frazzled by too much sun, grab one of these products!

Whenever I use heat styling tools on my hair, be it a hairdryer or the straightening irons, I almost always use a heat protector product. It's become something of a habit that I don't really think about anymore, but on the rare occasion where I've been in a rush and skipped this step, my hair has really suffered for it. Everyone's hair is different of course, but as mine is naturally very fine and dry (not to mention already a bit damaged from too many blow dries), a helping hand in the form of a heat protector really helps, and the same goes for a protector against the sun.

Too much UV exposure on hair can cause it to become weak and brittle due to a loss of natural proteins in the hair. Add to this a summer holiday with lots of swimming in chlorinated water and a build up of natural salt from those long windswept walks on the beach, and your hair could be looking worse for wear by the end of a week-long trip abroad. Those with naturally thicker, darker hair tend to fare better than those with finer, lighter or colour treated hair, but too much of anything is going to take its toll.

This may be why there are so many products on the market right now which are basically 'suncare for your hair', to help keep you looking your best in all of those holiday Instagram selfies. So two products that I've been enjoying using during this recent heat wave have come from Aveda, whose suncare/haircare range has dedicated formulas to protect your locks against the damaging effects of UV, sun, salt and chlorine.

Aveda Suncare Protective Hair Veil & After Sun Masque review
Aveda Suncare Protective Hair Veil* (100ml, £22.50, link)
One of the easiest ways to protect your hair against the sun is to use a leave-in spray that contains a clever UV filter in its formula. Aveda's Protective Hair Veil does just that, and uses naturally derived UVA/UVB inhibitors which are found in Wintergreen and Cinnamon Bark Oils to help to protect the hair from receiving any further damage from the sun's harmful rays. The formula is also water-resistant and promises to provide sun protection for the hair for up to 16 hours (but make sure to reapply it after swimming). To use it, you just spritz onto dry or damp hair and style your hair as normal. It feels lightweight and non-sticky so it won't interfere with your hairstyle, or cause any product build up afterwards. I really like it as it's so easy and simple to use, and it's definitely been helping to stop my hair from getting frazzled with all this sun we've been having recently.

Aveda Suncare After-Sun Masque* (125ml, £24, link)
If your hair has already had too much sun exposure and is feeling worse for wear, you can rescue it with an intensive hair treatment/mask. Whilst any ultra-hydrating hair mask will do the job, Aveda have some fantastic hair masks in their range and their After Sun Masque is a real SOS treat for anyone who has dry or damaged hair. Formulated with key nourishing ingredients such as Tamanu Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil and Green Tea, it also contains Morikue Protein and Vitamin E to further repair and protect the hair. You only need to leave it on for a couple of minutes to see it work its magic (around 5 minutes is optimum), so it's a fantastic quick fix product to use when you're on holiday and have better things to be doing than waiting for a hair mask to develop!

Have you tried any of Aveda's suncare range for hair?

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  1. I have another hair shield on the go at the moment, but when that's empty, I'd be interested to try the hair veil. Thanks for the tip :)

    1. Let me know what you think if you try it Kirsty! :)


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