Foodie Friday: Avocado on Sourdough Toast with Lentil Sprouts & Super Seeds (Vegan recipe)

Friday 4 August 2017

Avocado on Sourdough Toast with Lentil Sprouts & Seeds
The humble Avocado on Toast has come a long way, and now hipster and vegan cafe's everywhere are serving up this healthy classic with a myriad of optional superfood extras on top.

I must admit that my only contact with an avocado prior to the whole #AvoOnToast trend erupting, was in a side dip of guacamole. Nowadays though, there's rarely a week that goes past where I don't put a pack of them into my supermarket trolley, and the trendy Avocado On Toast is one of my favourite ways to eat this good-for-you green fruit.

Avocados are a superfood in their own right as they're packed full of healthy essential fats, vitamins and minerals (including the likes of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Zinc and vitamins C, B6, A, D, K and E), plus they contain a decent amount of fibre too.  But if you fancy boosting your Avo On Toast with even more healthy nutrients, simply add some superfood extras. Below, I've shared one of the easiest ways you can do this with Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds and Lentil Sprouts. It's delicious and good for you!

Avocado on Sourdough Toast with Lentil Sprouts & Seeds
Ingredients (makes 1 Superfood Avo On Toast):-

  • 1 ripe Avocado
  • 1 slice of Sourdough Bread
  • Handful of fresh Lentil Sprouts
  • Sprinkle of Chia Seeds
  • Sprinkle of Hemp Seeds
  • Squeeze of fresh Lemon Juice
  • Salt & Black Pepper (to season, optional)
  1. Lightly toast the Sourdough Bread and add the Avocado, mashing it gently into the bread with a fork.
  2. Sprinkle on the Chia and Hemp Seeds and then add the Lentil Sprouts on top.
  3. Squeeze over a little fresh Lemon Juice and season with Salt & Black Pepper if desired - enjoy!

Side note: For ethical reasons, I don't purchase any avocados from Israel, so always check the label if you want to join in with the boycott! Find out more about this here.

Are you a fan of Avo On Toast?

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  1. thanks for the recipe! i recently sprouted lentils and was wondering what i'd do with them. now i know: avocado toasts! also i really appreciate you mentioning non-israeli avocados, i do the same but was wondering if i was the only one who snubbed them

    1. No probs Denise! They taste really great in this :)

      I always try to spread the word as much as I can, as a lot of people don't really look at the packets to check where their food is coming from or aren't politically aware, so great to hear you also boycott them! x


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