Green Beauty: Relax & Pamper Yourself With Westlab

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Green Beauty: Pampering with Westlab
Stressful or busy week? If the answer's yes, it sounds like you need some well deserved 'me time', so relax and get ready to feel all zen again with these pampering treats from Westlab.

If you're new to Westlab, they're an all-natural British brand who specialise in bath and body products that contain soothing and beneficial minerals such as Dead Sea, Epsom Salts and Magnesium Flakes. I've used their Epsom Salts many times in the past as they're perfect for when you need a deeply relaxing soak in the tub after a long day.

Last month, I raved about a Westlab Detoxing Salt Body Scrub and Bath Soak (which you can read about here if you missed it) and I was contacted by the brand soon after asking if I'd like to review any more products from them. Given how much I've been enjoying using the Scrub & Soak, I eagerly said yes and picked out the three products below to try out.

Green Beauty: Pampering with Westlab
Westlab Supersalt Himalayan Body Cleanse* (1kg, £7.99, link)
In addition to using Dead Sea, Epsom and Magnesium minerals, Westlab also have a couple of products available which use Himalayan Salts and this Body Cleanse is one of them. I'm a huge fan of Himalayan Salts in bath products as they have some interesting and relaxing therapeutic benefits, so I was very keen to try these. This Body Cleanse is basically a bath soak that contains Himalayan Salts which are infused with extracts of Seaweed along with Lemon and Rose Essential Oils. Himalayan Salts have a naturally pale pink colour to them and these smell just as beautiful as they look! To use them, you just add a couple of handfuls to a bath and enjoy a relaxing soak for at least 20 minutes to reap the full benefits. After using these, I always feel much calmer and they're ideal to use before going to bed for a restful night's sleep. A must-try if you have anxiety, insomnia or suffer from any stress!

Westlab Muscle Spray* (50ml, £6.95, link)
This Muscle Spray is a new launch for Westlab and it's been specially formulated to be a 'natural first aid remedy' for sore muscles. It features Epsom Salt, Spearmint and Eucalyptus to refresh and soothe aching muscles, whilst helping to revive fatigue at the same time. I've found this to be very useful after Hot Yoga and Pilates sessions if I've overstretched something, and the convenient travel sized bottle makes it the perfect product to pop into your gym bag.

Westlab Reviving Salt Body Scrub & Bath Soak* (500g, £18.45, link)
For a spot of luxury pampering, you really can't beat this 2-in-1 Body Scrub and Bath Soak which is made from 100% pure Epsom Salts that are blended with natural botanical oils, and nothing else. It has an incredible fragrance of Rose, Lime, and May Chang and feels so refreshing! I love using this as a body scrub since it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and pampered afterwards, but it's equally as good used in the bath as a relaxing soak. No wonder it won a Finalist Award in the Natural & Organic Europe Awards last year!

To shop the full range of Westlab products, visit

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