New In Beauty: My Favourites from CND Vinylux Nightspell & Glacial Illusion 2017 Collections - Review & Swatches

Monday 20 November 2017

CND Vinylux Nightspell & Glacial Illusion Collections - Review & Swatches
If you hate nail polishes that just don't seem to last longer than two days before chipping, CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is the range for you! With a bold claim of lasting up to 7 days, I had to try some out for myself and was thrilled to see not one, but TWO, brand spanking new collections that they've launched recently.

Both of these new CND Vinylux collections are at the opposite ends of the colour spectrums, with the Glacial Illusion Collection being all delicate, creamy, icy cool tones and pale shimmers, and the Nightspell Collection comprising of mainly darker, moody and more intense, magical shimmers. Each collection boasts six shades each and I wanted to share some of my favourites because these are damn good nail polishes.  

CND Vinylux - Cashmere Wrap (Glacial Illusion Collection 2017)
CND Vinylux - Cashmere Wrap (Glacial Illusion Collection 2017)

I'm a sucker for a high-quality, creamy pale nude and Cashmere Wrap ticks all the right boxes. Perfect for a chic manicure that will see you through the Winter months and beyond. Applies smoothly in two easy coats (just ignore my messed up pinky nail - that'll teach me to try to rush taking photos when it starts to go dark at 4pm!).

CND Vinylux - Mystic Slate (Glacial Illusion Collection 2017)
CND Vinylux - Mystic Slate (Glacial Illusion Collection 2017)

My top pick from the Glacial Illusion Collection is this stunning shade called Mystic Slate. Even the name is cool, huh?! This cool toned grey-blue creme is absolutely beautiful and is neutral toned enough to go with lots of different outfits. Like Cashmere Wrap, this polish applied smoothly and evenly in just two coats.

CND Vinylux - Ice Bar (Glacial Illusion Collection 2017)
CND Vinylux - Ice Bar (Glacial Illusion Collection 2017)

Glitter fans will love Ice Bar; a sheer pearlescent glitter with an interesting pink hue to it. It's impossible to photograph and looks a million times more mesmerizing in real life. This is one of those very sheer glitter polishes that definitely suits being a top coat glitter, rather than being built up and worn on its own (which isn't really achievable), so I've layered it here on top of Cashmere Wrap.

CND Vinylux - Eternal Midnight (Nightspell Collection)
CND Vinylux - Eternal Midnight (Nightspell Collection)

Another tricky to photograph shade is Eternal Midnight from the Nightspell Collection, and this one really looks special when the light catches it from different angles. A midnight blue with deep purple undertones and a spectacular duo-chromatic fine shimmer swirling through it, this is a fantastic option if you're looking to wear something darker and different this Winter. 

CND Vinylux - Hypnotic Dreams (Nightspell Collection)
CND Vinylux - Hypnotic Dreams (Nightspell Collection)

My favourite from both collections (and quite possibly my favourite new nail polish shade of the entire year!) is Hypnotic Dreams. My oh my! This rusty toned mega-shimmer has elements of bronze, purple, brown and a smidge of green. It applies sheer if you use two coats (see The Happy Sloths swatch here), but when layered over a brown or purple base, it really pops like you can see above where I've applied it over a dark brown shade. Hypnotic indeed!

Overall thoughts on the formula?
CND's Vinylux Weekly Polish have been specially formulated to be used with their Weekly Top Coat to provide up to 7 days of chip-resistant, vibrant colour. The Weekly Top Coat also delivers a glossy shine, and when your nails are exposed to natural light with this on it, help to ensure a longer-lasting manicure. So did it last 7 days? Not exactly as I saw some minor chipping start to happen around day 5, BUT I'm still impressed by this as many of my nail polishes only last 2-3 days max on me, so 5 days is definitely an achievement!

CND Vinylux Nightspell & Glacial Illusion Weekly Polishes* (15ml each) are currently on offer at Nail Polish Direct for £6.95 and £7.95 each. Shop the range here.  

What do you think of these new collections?

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