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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Nanshy Brushes review
There's something about receiving a brand new set of makeup brushes that makes my heart skip a beat, as I'm sure it does the same for many beauty junkies out there. Getting to open pristine, perfectly clean and untouched brushes for the very first time is almost as exciting as unwrapping a brand new lipstick or palette, so I was thrilled when this amazing package from Nanshy dropped through my letterbox earlier this month.

Longtime readers of mine might remember that I first reviewed a set of Nanshy brushes a few years ago (and you can read that original review here), and I still use many of the brushes from that set to this day, though I must admit that some have held up better than others. With this in mind, I was excited to hear that the brand has recently decided to reformulate and redesign the look and feel of their brushes, and I was kindly sent one of their new sets to have a play with.

Nanshy Brushes review
The new Nanshy brushes have improved in several ways for a much sleeker and more contemporary update overall. Firstly, the ergonomic handles feel slightly smaller than before and more manageable to hold. The larger base and face brushes still feel chunkier than most other makeup brushes that I own, but they feel nicer to grip. The brushes now feature clearly labelled, modern text on the handles so that you can easily see which brush is which (perfect for beauty beginners and busy makeup artists alike), and the metallic copper ferrules have a tighter and more robust design to them, which gives the brushes a more luxurious and stylised finish.

However, it's the bristles that have changed the most, and definitely for the better. They're still cruelty-free (PETA approved) and antibacterial, but they now feel a million times softer and are a sheer delight to work with. I've put all of these brushes to the test over the past couple of weeks so that I can share my thoughts about each one with you today.

Nanshy Angled Contouring Brush
 Nanshy Angled Contouring Brush

If you love the contouring trend, then an Angled Contouring Brush is a must-have in your collection. I always find that angled brushes work amazingly well for things like bronzers and blushers as you can apply the product exactly where you want it to go and blend it out beautifully at the same time, so there are no streaks or hard edges/awkward telltale lines anywhere. The shape of the head allows the brush to fit perfectly around and under the hollows of the cheeks to create depth and shadow in a matter of seconds. I especially love using this one with powders, but it works well with cream and liquid blushers and bronzers too.

Nanshy Stippling Brush
 Nanshy Stippling Brush

I never used to bother with Stippling Brushes until I saw a Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist apply a foundation on my friend a few years ago, and I instantly fell in love with the flawless results! Nanshy's Stippling Brush has a flat head that features two different lengths of duo-fibre bristles which lets you tap and effortlessly 'stipple' any kind of liquid base into the skin. I still prefer using a sponge for full coverage foundations, but I'll often use a Stippling Brush like this when I want a lighter and fresher looking coverage - it's great with BB creams, tinted moisturisers and light-medium coverage foundations. 

Nanshy Conceal Perfector
 Nanshy Conceal Perfector

This pointy-headed Conceal Perfector looks a little strange at first, but it's ideal for getting in those tricky little nooks and crannies like around the nose, to ensure that you're not left with a patchy base. I suffer from some redness around my nose, especially during the colder months, so it's nice to have a brush like this that will completely cover everything up. The tip of the head is surprisingly more precise than it looks, so it's good for blending in concealer for larger areas if you have acne or pigmentation.  I've also been using this one underneath my eyes with a bit of translucent powder to bake or set my concealer as it's so soft to use.

Nanshy Concealer Brush
Nanshy Concealer Brush*

Another brush that seems a bit strange looking is their Concealer Brush. Most concealer brushes that I own look like lip brushes, but this one has a uniquely sculpted flat edge so that you can achieve very precise results with your concealer underneath the eyes (it's great for creating those big triangle shapes that you see on Instagram) and around your nose. I actually prefer using this brush for contouring my nose though, as the straight angle allows you to draw thin lines down the nose easily and then gently blend them out for a seamless finish. Great with both powder and liquid/cream formulas.

Nanshy Eye Crease Brush
 Nanshy Eye Crease Brush*

This little Eye Crease Brush is perhaps my favourite of the set as it makes doing a smokey eye so easy and effortless. The shape is just right for getting into the crease to add some depth and shadow, without going overboard and looking like a smudgy mess (which can easily happen with brushes that have a larger head!). The bristles are lovely and soft so they don't irritate the delicate eye area, and it works a charm with any pressed and loose powder eyeshadows.

Nanshy Large Shader Brush
 Nanshy Large Shader Brush*

The Large Shader Brush is a classic short square-headed eyeshadow brush that has slightly rounded edges for a softer finish. It's perfect for packing on a base colour, especially if you're using loose eyeshadow, and the rounded edges lend themselves well to be used underneath the eyes if you want to use your shadow as a liner for a smokey/grungey look.

Nanshy Liner Brush
Nanshy Liner Brush*

Finally, the last brush that I tried was the Liner Brush, and this is another excellent staple to have in your brush collection if you're a winged eyeliner fan or simply enjoying using liquid eyeliner straight from a pot. This brush is very precise and has a super thin and tapered end so that you can get a really skinny line or flick. It's flexible enough to use at any angle, but also dense enough to be able to keep the shape of the line on track. 

Overall thoughts?
I'm very impressed with these new Nanshy brushes as they're a clear improvement on the older ones and will definitely help to catapult Nanshy into more hands of makeup junkies around the world. If you're looking for high-quality, cruelty-free makeup brushes on a budget, these are ones to definitely check out!

Nanshy Brushes* are available individually or as a set - visit for the full range

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