Weekend Style: Zessoo Leaf Leather Wallet review #SlowFashion

Sunday 4 March 2018

Zessoo Leaf Leather Wallet review
Sustainable fashion has never been more on-trend than it is now, and with a growing number of consumers looking for stylish alternatives to leather goods, more companies are now using eco-friendly materials for products like wallets and accessories. Zessoo is one such British brand that's helping to lead the way.

Launched late last year, Zessoo was set up by AJ Joshi, a London-based tech entrepreneur whose eyes were opened to the horrors of animal cruelty after watching popular documentaries such as Black Fish and Cowspiracy. This spurred on a desire to become vegan and a passion to help others live a more cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle. After travelling through Asia and meeting local communities who were producing products by hand using only locally sourced materials, he had the idea for a range of vegan-friendly fashion accessories. 

Zessoo now has a range of flagship wallets that are made from 'leaf leather', a durable eco-friendly material which is made from fallen leaves, bonded together by natural sunlight, hand-stitched and coloured using natural dyes. Each wallet is handmade making it completely unique as no two leaves are the same, making it a very special gift idea, or simply a wonderful treat for yourself.

Zessoo Leaf Leather Wallet review
Zessoo Leaf Leather Wallet review
As a blogger, I'm incredibly lucky as I frequently get sent a lot of really amazing products from a wide range of brands to review, and when Zessoo got in touch to ask what I thought about their leaf leather wallets, I got pretty excited! It's such a privilege to receive a handmade item like this and I've been fascinated by its quality ever since it arrived.

Each wallet takes around 6 weeks to make and Zessoo has a range of different styles and sizes available in several colours. I was kindly sent a Gandhi Card Wallet* (£19) which is based on a traditional fold-out design. The wallet has compartments for cash (notes) and six cards, with extra space behind these slots to store things like receipts or additional cards.

The 'leaf leather' blows my mind though. It feels very lightweight, yet incredibly durable and is much thicker than I imagined it would be. Another interesting aspect is that this material doesn't have any noticeable 'scent' to it - something that has always bothered me about leather goods is that slightly nauseating smell that it has. The natural texture of this leaf leather gives it a cool 'distressed' look which I love, and I've never had so many compliments or questions about a wallet before from friends and family, since it's been in my handbag! 

Zessoo Leaf Leather Wallet review
If you're looking for a new wallet that's 100% cruelty-free and from an innovative company that has admirable eco and ethical credentials, I can't recommend Zessoo enough.

This wallet even arrived wrapped in 'Zessoo paper' - a special type of plantable paper which is made with seeds so that you can create a little patch of wildflowers in your garden to help out local bees and butterflies - how cool is that?! Alongside their range of wallets, they also sell jewellery and are looking to branch out into other leaf leather-based goods such as backpacks in the near future. I can't wait!

To find out more about Zessoo and to shop online, visit zessoo.com

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