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Wednesday 20 March 2019

I love discovering new-to-me natural and affordable British skincare brands, and the Cheshire based Handmade Naturals are my latest find with a multi-award winning range of cruelty-free and vegan products.

Handmade Naturals have been developing their extensive skincare range, with expertly handcrafted formulas that use only 100% nature-derived ingredients, since 2007. It's easy to see on their website how proud they are of their ethics with certifications from both The Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International clearly labelled on their products, and a company commitment to using sustainable and recyclable packaging. 

With such a large range of affordable products available, I was truly spoilt for choice when Handmade Naturals asked if I'd like to try anything from them. In the end, I decided to test out a cleanser, toner, face moisturiser and a lip balm so that I could compose a handy 'skincare routine' post, and they've been working very well!

Handmade Naturals Rose, Hemp & Jojoba Cleansing Lotion* (100ml, £8.95, link)
If you prefer to use a cleansing lotion that also doubles up as a makeup remover in the evenings, the Rose, Hemp & Jojoba Cleansing Lotion is a must-try. It has an ultra-gentle and nourishing formula that's made from just eight ingredients including unrefined Organic Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aspen Bark extract, Vitamin E and Rose Damascus Oil. The light texture is easy to massage into the skin, whilst efficiently removing all traces of makeup and daily grime. My skin feels so soft after using this and I love the convenient airless pump applicator. Oily skin types can also use this as a light moisturiser.

Handmade Naturals Lemonbalm & Witch Hazel Face Toner* (100ml, £6.95, link)
Witch Hazel is an ingredient that I often look out for in skincare products as I find it helps to keep blemishes at bay and it doesn't aggravate my eczema, so when I saw this alcohol-free toner I knew I had to try it! Composed of only two ingredients; Melissa (Lemonbalm) Floral Water and Witch Hazel, this toner is lovely and refreshing on the skin. Packed full of natural antiseptic, astringent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it will help to soothe and heal acne and blemish prone skin with regular use.

Handmade Naturals Ultra Light Face Cream* (50ml, £13.25, link)
With Spring on its way, I wanted to try a lighter facial moisturiser and this Ultra Light Face Cream has been a perfect match for my oily/combination skin. Featuring a blend of Organic Argan Oil,  Witch Hazel, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E, it absorbs easily and delivers just the right amount of hydration to keep my skin healthy and happy. It also works well underneath makeup as a primer for a smooth and flawless finish.

Handmade Naturals Cocoa & Mandarin Lip Balm* (4.5g, £2.95, link)
Most of the products from Handmade Naturals are suitable for vegans with the exception of their lip balms which contain beeswax. They have four different flavours available, all free from mineral oil/petroleum derivatives and instead packed with nourishing Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Almond and Calendula Oils. I couldn't resist trying the Cocoa & Mandarin Lip Balm which not only tastes delicious, but does a fantastic job of keeping dry lips moisturised throughout the day. A bargain for under £3!

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  1. I really love the sound of this brand, would love to try their toner and face cream! I think they are quite affordable actually and would certainly consider buying from them in the future. But for now, this is going on my wish list!

    Petra /

    1. Definitely one to try in the future Petra! :)


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