Foodie Friday: Sponge Vegan Carrot Cake review #CakeDelivery

Friday 26 July 2019

Foodie Friday: Sponge Vegan Carrot Cake review
Something a little different for this week's Foodie Friday feature, as I haven't wanted to switch my oven on thanks to the blistering hot weather, I've decided to review a cake instead! Meet the latest addition to's tasty range of homemade cakes - the Vegan Carrot Cake!

Special occasions call for cake, but if you can't personally make it to the event for whatever reason, there's always the fuss-free and stress-free option of letting someone else do all the hard work and make a cake for you. Better still, why not have a cake delivered straight to the recipient?

Sponge offers a wide variety of delicious cakes which are all handmade at their bakery in Holt, Norfolk, and they can send a cake to any address in the UK with next-day delivery as standard. The cakes are made using high-quality local ingredients and they have something for everyone, with classic favourites such as Victoria Sponge, Bakewell, and Coffee cakes, alongside contemporary flavours like Gin and Tonic and Rocky Road. You can even make your own personalised cake, order a gluten-free cake, or try a cake with lots of different flavours - yum!

Foodie Friday: Sponge Vegan Carrot Cake review
Foodie Friday: Sponge Vegan Carrot Cake review
So when Sponge got in touch to ask if I'd like to review one of their cakes, I had to say yes of course (I mean, who would say no, really?) and after some umming and ahhing, I decided to try their new Vegan Carrot Cake

The cake arrived on time and was delivered via a DHL courier in sturdy packaging that protected the cake perfectly during transit. There was only one piece of plastic film which covered the cake itself to keep it fresh, and the rest of the packaging materials were recyclable cardboard. 

Opening up the box, I quickly realised that the cake was a lot bigger than I had initially expected - it was huge and had a hefty weight to it! The Vegan Carrot Cake serves 8 people but the portion sizes are definitely on the generous side as I was able to cut some pretty big slices so it could certainly serve more.

Foodie Friday: Sponge Vegan Carrot Cake review
But I know what you want to know - how did it taste? AMAZING.

Sponge's Vegan Carrot Cake is perfectly soft and moist, with lots of Walnuts and Sultanas throughout adding some extra flavour and texture. The blend of spices was spot on with Nutmeg coming through the strongest and I could taste subtle hints of Vanilla too. I really enjoyed the tangy Lemony frosting, and perhaps my only criticism is that I wished there was a layering of frosting in the middle of the cake to break up the sheer density of the sponge (and also to ensure that vegans don't miss out as the regular Carrot Cake from Sponge includes this).

Overall, the cake received many compliments from family and friends who enjoyed helping me to taste it and everyone said that they couldn't tell the difference with it being vegan and dairy-free, so I look forward to seeing additional flavours added to Sponge's vegan cake range in the near future!

Sponge Vegan Carrot Cake* (for 8 people, £14.75, link)

[N.B: All of Sponge's cakes are made in the same bakery and whilst they do everything that they can to minimise the risk of cross-contamination, this cannot be 100% guaranteed]

Have you ever ordered a cake online?

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