Currently Loving: Summer Skincare Favourites for Oily/Combination Skin Types

Monday 29 July 2019

Currently Loving: Summer Skincare Favourites
What do hydrating, soothing, balancing and purifying all have in common? They're the main benefits of my current Summer Skincare Favourites.

Keeping your complexion in check when the mercury rises can be a tricky challenge, so let's make it as simple and fuss-free as possible. In Summer, I use SPF every single day, and I like to add a self-tanner to my routine once or twice a week for a healthy bronzed look. I always stick to the same daily principles no matter the weather though, with cleansing, toning and moisturising at the top of my skincare agenda.

Here are a couple of products that I'm currently loving:-

Currently Loving: Summer Skincare Favourites
Dafna's Purify Cleanser* (100ml, £36, link)
Dafna's is such a beautiful, luxury natural skincare brand and I adore their Eye Care and Revival Bio-Active Beauty Mask (check out my review on those two here). I was excited to try out the Purify Cleanser for Summer as I tend to switch from a cream to a lighter gel-based cleanser, and this has been working so well for my oily/combination skin type. This cleanser is 100% natural and features nourishing Olive Oil, Ayurvedic Pomegranate extract which is rich in anti-ageing Vitamin C, and an interesting complex named MelaCare TM Oil that's composed of three different types of plant-based oils to help photo-ageing symptoms. I find it really refreshing to use and it balances my oily skin without leaving it tight or stripped.

Alteya Organics 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Water* (100ml, £9.85, link)
For years, I've automatically reached for Rosewater toners and spritzes without giving much thought to the benefits of other infused waters, but when I came across Alteya Organics' 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Water, I decided to test it out for a change. Made from fresh, hand-picked organic Lavender flowers which are steam-distilled for purity, this fine mist gently soothes, tones and clarifies the skin thanks to Lavender's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Use it morning and night as part of your routine, or pop it into the fridge and enjoy a cooling and calming spritz anytime you feel that your skin needs it.

Currently Loving: Summer Skincare Favourites
Zuii Organic Flora Gradual Tan Face Water* (150ml, £22.50, link)
We all know that the only safe way to get a tan is to fake it, and if you've been looking for a natural and organic self-tanner that's specifically for the face, this is it. Zuii Organic's Flora Gradual Tan Face Water is an amazing product that offers a really natural-looking finish without any hints of orange. It's surprisingly easy to use too as it looks and feels just like water - simply apply with your hands or a cotton pad after cleansing and the colourless fluid will quickly absorb into the skin. The active natural tan ingredients will then start to work gradually, giving you a gorgeous healthy glow!

True Skincare Certified Organic Balancing Safflower & Basil Facial Oil* (30ml, £13.50, link)
One of the best budget-friendly, natural and organic skincare finds that I've recently discovered comes from True Skincare, a British brand who specialise in making affordable and effective products. Not only is everything organic, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans to use, but their products have been winning awards left, right and centre, so I couldn't wait to try out this Balancing Safflower & Basil Facial Oil

Formulated for oily and combination skin types, this facial oil won a Beauty Shortlist Award earlier in the year and it's easy to see why! It has a wonderful, ultra-light texture that almost feels like a dry oil and is infused with Safflower Oil (high in omega-6 rich Linoleic Acid) and Basil (known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties). The two combined perfectly balance fussy, acne-prone skin conditions, helping to fight off breakouts, unclog pores and keep the skin moisturised without overloading it. I've been using 2-3 drops in the evenings to keep pesky spots at bay throughout the hot Summer months.

What are your current favourite skincare products?

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